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Pelvic pain in one spot


I've over come vaginismus and I still have this sharp pain in my right hand side, like feels like it's just inside the vagina and right up against the join where my leg meets my pelvis. I have a pelvic wand nd when I hit it, it makes my whole body tense but I've never been able to massage it out so to speak. It's starting to hurt into my thigh, and I've noticed the skin of the labia around it is beyond itchy and swollen, could the muscle be hurting from itching as I've not been the best at breaking the itch/scratch cycle? And how else can I get rid of this pain as it's doing my head in!?

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How did you manage to overcome it? I am still suffering and it’s been over 10 years. Physio has helped but it’s still there ....and my intercourse is impossible. Would love any tips from you. Thanks so much

I used dilators pretty much every single day and also tried intercourse at the same time. I felt like saving it til the end would put more pressure on it so I just used intercourse as another dilator. It took about 4 years and I spent 2 of those on D3 haha, and I still can't get the biggest one in despite my fiance being bigger, as I find it to be nothing the same! I also found consciously relaxing my muscles when aroused really helped, maybe puts a dampener on throod but makes you realise how much you're clenching haha!

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