Pelvic pain & back pain

Hello my names Zahra and I'm 22 years old iv been suffering with pain in my right side of stomach around the pelvic area and in my lower right back aswell.. It has been going on from the start of January this year.. iv been to the Drs with this problem 6 times already this year and they keep saying its a urine infection they said they have found ecoli in my urine.. And just keep giving me antibiotics.. But it keeps coming back so frequently.. I don't think it's a urine infection as I have no burning when urinating and don't need the toilet more often.. Does anyone know what it could be? I need help!!

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  • Hi zelahi. I'm not an expert on this subject ,but I've a feeling it could be IC, indistitial systitis , painful bladder syndrome , do you have any burning in your bladder, or pressure ,or feeling the urge to empty your bladder , take care

  • Thanks for your comments.. I don't have any burning when passing urine and don't feel pressure either.. It comes on so suddenly lasts a few days then I can be fine for a week or two and then it comes back again.. It hurts more when I'm walking around its not to bad when I'm sitting down but if I press on my right lower abdomen area it's a really sharp pain.. I have an appointment on the 22nd of June to see the urologist they just keep saying its a urine infection :(

  • Ask to see a gyne doc and mention endometreosis, my constant pain started like that, what sort of pain is it and do you suffer anything else, when is your pain best worse ect

  • Have you had your appendix checked?

  • Yeah they said it ain't my appendix

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