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Since the 24th July I've had 42 days when I've actually logged pain in my diary. That's a 1/4 of the days. The pain is in my lower right side (ovary I'm convinced, although numerous tests, scans, laproscopy have shown nothing). It's now forming a pattern - almost period like - although I don't have periods and have implanon implant. Pain killers offer no relief - but I dare not take them incase it's worse. Heat helps to some extent. Pain is dragging/knife like/burning. I work in a children's centre so can't sit and take things easy, or take particularly strong painkillers as need to be alert. Possibly allergic to morphine so tend to get some itching with tramadol so have anti histamines to take. I'm 45. Initaially problems started about 4.5 years ago, ended up off work for approx 4 months. Struggle to sleep during flare-ups, got just 50mins on sunday night. I'd be grateful for any suggestions,

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do you take other medication for nerve pain? Amitriptyline, anything?


I've tried amitriptyline and got no relief. Take pregabalin - but don't get consistent relief. Only thing that offers some relief is heat pack done in microwave. X


Hi, it does sound very much like ovary pain i.e. Ovulation. My ovulation pain starts around day 12 of my cycle and can last a minimum of 5 days up to 10 days! Yes 10 days like you I have had all the tests going 11 years ago I was told I had mild endometriosis but 5 years ago after another laparoscopy I was told this endo had dispersed and no reason could be giving for my pain. It did stop whilst I was having depo injections but I developed a sensitivity to the hormones and had to stop them. It took 6 months for the pain to reappear. At the end of 2013 I was offered a hysterrectomy


Sorry my comment was posted without me finishing it so here I am again....I was saying but at that time I was still only 41 and thought a hysterectomy was a bit drastic at my age and now I am nearly 43 I still think it is as I would be thrown straight into the menopause causing more problems. Water bottles do help with the pain but you can't walk round every day clutching one of those can you.....Neurofen do take a slight edge off but you know you are still in pain and anything stronger I can't take so for me it's a case of grin and bear it. mind you with the implant do you you still ovulate? As if you don't it can't be the ovaries or do you have hidden endometriosis I am convinced mine has returned.

I do hope you can find a solution. Another thought is have you had your appendix removed? As abdominal surgery does leave scare tissue and it could be this causing the problem. I've had 3 laproscopies over the years so I've probably got an issue with that as well.

Best of luck to you but you not alone x


Appendics were removed in mid 1990's. Saw gp yesterday and she has referred me back to gynaecologist . Advised me to keep implant in. Thanks for your reply x


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