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Hello wondering if anyone can help at all,

So I have had trouble with constipation since I was very young, my stomach area has always caused me a great deal of pain, numerous trips to and from doctors and hospitals for barium meals etc to see what was causing it but they could never find anything.

When I was 16 I noticed something that I later found out to be a rectal prolapse. In January of 2017 I had a rectopexy procedure where mesh was put inside to keep my intestine in place. I would also like to note that whilst conducting a Colonoscopy they found one polyp which was removed and found to be benign.

Of February this year my prolapse is back, NHS sent the consultation appointment for a date in June, and then cancelled it and moved it to September and again to October so I have had enough of waiting so am going to have the consultation privately which I had had to do for the initial appointment too.

My GP constantly tries to dismiss me with IBS which I am most definite I do not have.

Has anyone had any difficulties with the operation to rectify the prolapse and was there an underlying cause that caused the prolapse to happen?

I haven't given birth so the prolapse couldn't of been due to child birth, it started to be visible at my back passage when I was about 15 but I didn't go to my doctors until I was 18 when it was at 'full thickness'.

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I too have the same as you. Diagnosed about 6 weeks ago. Doctor told me to go home and live with it! I asked for treatment and she said physio first, if didn't work, a pessary then surgery. To wait for nhs physio was 8 weeks so I booked privately. This site told me that first I have to address the constipation first, which probably bought this on. It makes sense to do that. I have tried to do this. It is reasonably under control. My physio explained how to go to the toilet to make it easier. I have been doing exercises religiously. Double what she tells me. I am frightened to be too optimistic, but some days it feels much better. It is still there though and I may end up having surgery. I am doing my best to avoid this though. I know it is a complicated procedure. I have researched and found that there are problems with the mesh. Just do as much research as you can. There seems to be lots out there. I do hope you get some positive answers.

I do believe I have the start of a prolapse due to going to the toilet to regular. My husband will always push it back for me at the moment,he's says it's not to bad.

I to was told I have IBS,I've never believed in it,it's a get out of jail card,when they don't know what to do. My GP,my Pain Specialist,my Gastroenterologist all tell me it's rubbish,it's just an umbrella for a multitude of problems. It's just a case of working out which one.

But I do agree with what you've been told on here,address the constipation it can cause no end of problems. Good luck and take care.

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