double prolapse and pain

Hi peeps. I've a stage 3 bladder prolapse and a uterus prolapse. over the last month I've developed back, hip,leg and pain in these areas and across the lower front of my body (like very bad period pains.) As i'm post menopausal , its definitely not that. I had an early menopause starting at 42 I'm now 53. I did mention this pain to the nurse I saw, who found my uterine prolapse and she said it didn't have anything to do do with the prolapses. I'm not convinced. I've an appointment in August for pelvic floor training and another in September to discuss surgery. Does anybody else have this pain as it's seriously affecting my life.

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  • Sounds exactly the same as the pains I get, I have a bladder prolapse but nothing else as far as I know although once one thing goes the rest seem to follow !! I saw a surgeon years back but she refused to do any surgery. I did Pilate's which helped strengthen my pelvic floor and made a huge difference.

    Just wondering if you suffer with atrophic vaginitis as that causes me similar pains when it flares up, very hard to work out what's causing what sometimes.

    Hope you find a solution soon as it's pretty miserable having pains all the time.

  • I did have vaginitis quite a few years ago . I was given oestrogen suppositories for it . It waned after after a while and I haven't used anything since. Thank you for replying it's made me feel less isolated . I'm hoping my surgeon doesn't suggest mesh as I've read horror stories about it. I do know I'm having a hysterectomy but not how it's going to be performed. I have been doing yoga and it does ease my back pain , if only for a few hours. Better than nothing.xx

  • My experience with atrophic v is that it's ongoing, I've had problems for years and years, originally had an oestrogen ring then tried Vagifem for several years but now I just use Replens moisture gel. It may be worth you trying that, I find it does ease things a fair bit.

    You are lucky to have a surgeon willing to help, so far I can't get anyone interested in doing anything, the comment from one lady GP when I was complaining about the pain was " well what do you expect at your age "

    Needless to say I didn't see her again !

    Have you been offered a ring pessary while you wait for surgery, some say they are very good. I think I will try one if things get worse.

    Good luck ☺

  • I have been offered a ring but I decided not to try it. I am thinking now that maybe I should. Can I get one from my GP ? I think it's unlikely I would get a hospital appointment,anytime soon , to get one fitted. I'm going to see if I can get a GP apppointment in Whit week as I'm off then. Xx

  • Yes GP can fit one, there are different designs so may be trial and error to find one that is comfortable and does the job.

  • Atrophic vaginitis requires ongoing treatment with oestrogen therapy and moisturing to keep the tissues healthy.

  • Yes Sueboooo I'm aware it is . I'm almost certain it's not that.x

  • It may not be the cause but it can certainly help the symptoms. The oestrogen will improve the blood supply and keep the tissues plump and healthy. Would be work trying them again to see if it helps symptoms do you think? Take care.

  • Some people talk about referred pain. I don't think that has applied to me but I gather it can, maybe this is happening to you. I don't know enough about it, but these various main nerves sometimes cover a wide area in the pelvici area.

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