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Prolapse and getting pregnant


Prolapse. I gave birth last April I’m only 21 and have a prolapse that’s pretty visible. I’m really not sure which type of prolapse it is. I’m feeling so bad about myself being so young and having this! I know I need to go to the doctor and see what options I have or even what kind it is and get some answers. Is it possible for me to get pregnant and give birth again? Would I be a high risk pregnancy? I’m seeing they won’t help you fix it until you’re done having kids but I’m also seeing it can be difficult to get pregnant and there’s many bad things that could possibly happen due to a prolapse during pregnancy. I feel so discouraged!

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You must see your GP and get it sorted otherwise you will have nothing but trouble for the rest of your life.

mpdzak12 in reply to bantam12

I’m definitely gonna go asap. But she is closed currently due to covid-19

Schroedie in reply to mpdzak12

Hi, if your GP is closed they should still be able to offer a consultancy over the phone. I've found hospital gynae depts to be more helpful, to be honest, so it's worth giving them a ring: at the least they can advise on basic physio.

You might have to keep on at them but it's worth doing as you need a bit of help - they can't just abandon you!

Good luck x

Beezwax in reply to mpdzak12

My GP is “closed” too, but you should be able to request a call back. I had a problem I didn’t want to leave until whenever the coronavirus lockdown ends so I got a call back and my GP referred me for a hospital appointment. The hospital called to say they would see me. I was a bit nervous about going but had a mask and went along. There weren’t many patients so it seemed like a good time to be seen. It probably depends on your local hospital guidelines but you should call your GP. Even if you can’t be seen at hospital now you will be at the front of the queue for when things reopen.

Good luck.


Please don't worry. I've heard that some people have a prolapse after giving birth and it resolves itself. You're young so this could well apply to you 🌞 I know of many women who have gone on to have more babies after a prolapse. Prolapses are very common. I know that's not much comfort when you feel as if your insides are trying to come outside and get some fresh air! I found these Pilates exercises helpful - I had never done pelvic floor Pilates exercises before. Jessica Valant Pilates: My Prolapse Story; and prolapse exercises, safe work out for prolapse and; Pelvic Floor Exercises, physical therapy for pelvic floor muscles and; How to do a Kegal and Pelvic Floor Exercises. I found her to be inspirational.

Hi, I’m 30 and had a baby 18m ago. I had been experiencing pain and suspected a prolapse which was confirmed by my GP. She told me it was grade 1 and just to do my pelvic floor exercises. Really disheartening ☹️

JoanaR in reply to Crly30

Hello Crly30! I am in the same boat. I went to GP in November last year and she told the same, but I am not feeling any improvement.

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