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Shivering and full feeling in the abdomen

I think I might have silent PID, but the symptoms look so mild that gyno's don’t find anything wrong with me. I've been feeling like this for weeks and I have a history of pelvis inflammatory disease. I think I'll pay for MRI next week to make sure/to get peace of mind. My fallopian tubes are damaged and I have hydro/sactosalpinx both side, but my doctors say it's not urgent to treat until I want to get pregnant (by IVF).

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Sorry you are feeling this pain. I just paid for my hysterectomy on finance to buy back a semblance of a normal life, I was treating Adenomyosis. Unfortunately the other one was out in blunt force, I had Endometriosis too, undetected last March via an MRI but rampant and pinned my bowel to my pelvic wall. The laparoscopy usually finds it and then once they are in they will scrape away any they can get !

Lots of these conditions are invisible mainly its only on laparoscopy that they are really diagnosed. Are you in so much pain that you would investigate? I was told I had Adenomyosis in June 2017 and if I hadn't have been then I would have looked a laparoscopy as the last time I had a lap in 2012 they found Endometriosis but it didn't show on a scan, at that time it was mild.

This time it was rampant the horrible engulfing monster that it is. It had one of my ovaries overtaken too 😣

Good luck with any investigations and a chance at better health and life quality!



Thank you for your answer!

I finally had that MRI and it showed I have several follicle cysts in my ovaries. They were sized 2-3 cm so I can just let them be, but they were the reason for my pains and discomfort. Maybe the shivering was caused by other things, because everything else looked normal, so no infection.

It was costly but I'm happy that I can relax a bit now!


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