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Desperately seeking answers- Sharp Pain in Left Abdomen- PLEASE READ

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Starting in November 2014, I began to have sharp pain in my abdomen. I have visited many doctors to no avail. The pain has affected my life negatively: it interferes my daily life such as when I am at school, home, or events. The pain is excruciating and leaves me breathless and crouching over. The pain comes and goes almost 5 times a week.

During this time, I had an ultra sound, CT scan, and a laparoscopy test. The tests did not show anything wrong. I have visited a hernia and gastrointestinal doctor. I did have adhesion but the doctor fixed that problem. The pain hits to my lower back. The pain is so intense that by the time it goes away, I don't have the energy to do anything else. The pain medication has stopped working. I don't know what to do anymore.

I had a MRI scan and I will be visiting the doctor on Tuesday. The MRI was for my back because my doctor thinks the pain could be from my back and it's hitting my abdomen. I have visited several different doctors, been in the ER several times, participated in scans but still the problem has not been detected.

Has anyone had this pain before? Please, any advice or assistance in this matter will be much appreciated.

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It sounds like a nerve. Google Dr Lee Dellon and read about abdominal wall nerves on his website. You can email him through the site as well and he will answer you

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sahar1010 in reply to Pepper1977

I did have entrapment nerve but that was fixed least supposedly. I will look into it! Thank you!!!

Hi there

Just been reading your blog I don't know how old you are but your symptoms are identical to what I experienced for years when I was much younger. I had scans ultra sounds you name it I had it and at that time nobody knew what it was. Anyway few years later I had to have a D&C because my periods were so heavy after having thus done twice the consultant said I had endometriosis and that was the answer to a lot of the pain also why I never got pregnant. I was advised at 34 to have a full hysterorectomy but declined ( in hindsight that was a big mistake). Even now after 20 years I still get pain in the left side of my abdomen which radiates into my back. You have my full sympathy life was unbearable at times. Please feel free to ask me anything. X

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sahar1010 in reply to dubyup

I am 42 years old. I will definitely ask my doctor about it...because my periods are heavy as well. Thank you for writing. It gives me a ray of hope. It has become very difficult to do anything. I am visiting my doctor tomorrow to go over the MRI results. If there isnt anything wrong, I was thinking of trying to see if removing my uterus would reduce the pain.

Why do you still have pain though?

Hi Sahar

Your very welcome it's really bad that you are having to suffer like that, I don't know why I still get the pain it isn't persistent and occurs when I am really really tired, compared to what I've been through its a picnic.

I do hope your MRI scan shows clearly what is wrong. Are you getting any bloating or swelling in your abdomen, also have you had any scans on your ovaries. My advice to you is insist on seeing a good gynaecologist consultant.

I wish you positive results tomorrow.

Best wishes

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