Anyone in the UK had an MRN scan of the pudendal nerve?

Hi, I didn't think this MRN scan was available in the UK but apparently they have a machine in London now however I think you may have to pay privately. I don't know what is going on with my nerve whether its trapped or damaged but would like a scan to see before deciding on treatment options. So has anyone had the scan done from the UK either in the UK or abroad for PNE?


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  • As far as I am aware there is no technology that can identify entrapment of nerves in this country. Diagnosis is reliant on your symptoms & how well you respond to treatment ie pelvic physio & meds x Caty

  • They have a new scanner in London sports clinic that can show the pudendal nerve but total costs are £2500 for scan and a radiologist to look at it xx

  • Have asked myself (in UK) same question but then come back to Would it actually help with treatment options, as I don't want surgery. Currently taking drugs....don't know if they are doing any good (pregabalin, clonazepam and amitriptyline) as nerve pain still bad after it slowly crept up on me around 6 years ago. Injections of no help. At worst when standing or walking. All old physical activity e.g. tennis /hiking/heavy gardening and grass cutting has gone due to pain level (used to be very active) .

    Keep us posted if you go ahead with it, and where it leads you.

  • Hi there hill-top, just curious as to how your nerve pain started. basically mine was due to prolapse repair bladder and rectum plus a tot. basically a tot is a mesh to hold up the urethra due to mild stress incontinence. I had to get this thing removed it took a year to finally get the surgery for this to be removed,even though I have been through so many different procedures to find the cause of my continuous pain . I knew it was the surgery that caused this but no one listens to us as we know our bodies they tried all sorts, I depend on pregabalin and amitriptyline to help keep this pain at bay but never completely out of pain. the only down fall to these two meds is weight gain which you probably already know

  • No known reason...gradual onset, first with sense of heaviness then piercing constant knifelike pain on right hand side just above sphincter now just more or less constant nerve pain, not so piercing but v debilitating and mind if super sensitive in every way. V bad and ongoing all round back of sphincter and above pain for rest of day post BM.

  • Surgeons won't use them to make diagnosis of PNE, they go on symptoms, history and nerve block results.

  • I'd consider saving up for one myself but in the mean time I asked my pain consultant and she just said that if I had the scan and nothing was seen does that mean I don't have pain. I just think that going into a PNE surgery with no proof that it's trapped is just ridiculous (I'm not having surgery but i'm scared i'm trapped ive had this since I was 19 and cant live with it xx

  • I agree,I've been offered surgery but I don't know if entrapment is actually in alcocks canal or maybe sacrum.

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