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6 months of pain on and off. Im losing the will rapidly

hello im new my name is Claire i've been having 2 types of pain for around 6 months and everytime i get it it tends to be around the time of the month.

The first lot is really bad period pains (im 42 btw), worse than ever before. menefemic acid barely touches it. I bleed a bit heavy but nothing I can't cope with. Doc is puttong a mirenia coil in on 16th april. But doc has also asked for an ultrasound but have got to wait for that :(

The second lot of pain which I belive is related is once the period pain stops I feel like im getting better but then more abdominal and lower back pain sets in. Its beyond excruciating. Cramping bloated like I have a lead ball in my tummy. last night my tummy cramped up so bad I saw it happen in front of me it just got so big and hard :(

A&e says I had a water infection and that was the pain (but what about all the other times its happened)

plus I took cco codamol but then I got badley constipated.

This is ruining my life. Me and hubby r seeing doc again tomorrow and we want to push for being reffered to a gynaecologist and a gastrointestinal specislist.

Whats the liklyhood of the doc going for this or do u think ill get fobbed off.

Im just desperate

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Hi Claire, welcome to the site. Let us know how you get on at your doctor, it's good that your husband is supporting you and going with you. It is important to take some kind of laxative with codeine as constipation can be very painful! Hope you get a referral. Take care.


thank you Sueboooo. I just felt I needed to talk to someone about this cos I feel so alone :(

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You are most definitely not alone! We all have our various pains to deal with on a daily basis and I have learned much off this site and made some good friends in very similar situations to myself. My pain is different to yours at the moment, but I suffered for years with period pains from emdometriosis. I also 42 and had a total hysterectomy at 30. Keep posting And you'll get lots of advice and support. Take care.


so by having a hysterectomy obviously that solved the women's issues. Do u get ibs. did the hysterectomy help with that.

What problems do u have?


Hi Claire, your story sounds similar to mine, I have very bad and painful periods which last around ten days. Just as this ends a different pain takes over which is excruciating. It is lower abdomal sharp pain with cramping. I have recently had a laparoscopy to diagnose endometriosis but it took me a while to get to that point.

The best advise I can give you is to keep a pain diary and to seek second opinions. I was referred to a gyny at a local hospital who said basically that my pains were nothing to do with anything gyny and she couldn't help. I went back to my gp, saw a locum with my pain diary who was happy to re-refer me to a different hospital for a second opinion. I'm pleased he did as they decided to do a laparoscopy and managed to diagnose endo. Good luck at the doctors and keep pushing for answers.

Karen x

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Thank you karen.

so I went to the docs. I was getting some pain at this point. he pressed down just above my navel and I winced in pain. he thinks this pain is stomach related but ive already been reffered to have an endoscopy (I wish it would hurry up).

All my life my hubby has told me I take too many painkillers. I always take menefemic acid for monthlys.

So here is my train of thought:

Period happens, I get excruciating pain so I result in taking menefemic acid.

But that in turn irritates my stomach and thats when I get these second bouts of pain. So I take co codamol and menedemic acid or any type of nsaids medication. So its like a merry go round.

Doc has said no more nsaids only co codamol for pain, though I need to get a good laxitive.

Any reccomendations?


NSAIDS give me awful stomach acid and reflux, your GP should prescribe something alongside the mefanemic acid. My hysterectomy did sort out my painful periods, but I couldn't say it 'cured all', it just gave me another set of problems to deal with 10 years later. Losing all the supporting ligaments with the hysterectomy predisposed me to a prolapse, I now have pudendal neuralgia from a prolapse repair operation. I have also had IBS for 25 years! Movicol is a good laxative, GP can prescribe. Good luck with your referral. Take care.

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