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Excruciating pain 5 years post op complete pelvic prolapse.

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Hello, more than 5 years ago I had a complete pelvic prolapse. The year prior I had a complete abdominal hysterectomy. I also had the TNT sling I believe it's called for urinary leakage. I have been in pain majority of the time since I've had the procedures. I also have a bad spine so I take medications for that. I am in a lot of pain and continue to feel like my bladder is coming out or down like the crowning of a baby and also have a lot of pain from the bottom of my spine all the way to my rectum. I am not sexually active have not been since the surgery. I'm just too uncomfortable. I have to lay down most of the day because of the pain and because it also takes gravity off of the feeling of pressure pushing everything down. I'm not sure why I continue to have this pain. They had put me on some pain meds they were very strong and made me very constipated one of the rules after having this procedure is to not get constipated. If you do not have a bowel movement everyday drink milk of magnesia. I do so but it doesn't always help. Over the past will last month the doctor up my medicine and I literally couldn't have a bowel movement. I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. I managed after lots of suffering I won't go into too much detail to have a bowel movement with lots of pain and bleeding. 2 Days Later the same thing. I have not ever been that constipated. Since then I have been in excruciating pain from my tailbone to my rectum. I do not know if I caused damage inside or what because of the painful difficult passing of my bowels. I tried to drink lots of fluids to make sure that everything is working properly. I guess I need to see a GynoUrologist again. Any advice would be most helpful. Thank you so much for reading. I am a sixty-year-old woman and this is really put a damper on my lifestyle and activities. I am in so much pain I cannot do the normal task that a person needs to do. Thanks again.

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Hi Cpoling, have you been to Odin management specialist? Have you ever been tested for Pudental Neuralgia? Please read symptoms and see if you can relate.. the pudental nerve services rectum as well and it’s typical for PN to be constipated.. please read Pudentalhope website, your pain sounds really bad.. so sorry to hear

It seems that you have pudednal neuralgia or pudendal entrapment.you must take a 3 tesla mri of your pelvic diaphragm and send your mri to one of doctors that perform pudendal neuralgia surgery that their name is written in this site : pudendalhope.info

Have you ever heard of Pelvic Floor PT? My pelvic floor muscles were all in spasm after my hysterectomy. It felt like I had a golf ball inside of me all the time, pressure upon walking. Very uncomfortable. A Pelvic floor PT helped me get my life back.

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Great advice! Women’s/men’s health physiotherapy often didn’t get mentioned by other health care officials or mentioned soon enough. I’ve had it myself and it’s helped me a lot


I am so sorry to hear of your pain, I too suffer like you but perhaps not as much. I have a large prolapse but I can’t yet bring myself to decide on an op as I have puedendal neuralgia. Can I ask what medication you take for your spine. I have sacrum and coccyx issues which are causing severe pain at the moment . I’m taking pregabalin for the pn issues but nothing is helping the back pain

I really feel for your situation. Five years of uncontrolled pain is hard to endure. You must be exhausted.

When you were sexually active what did you use for birth control ? Did you happen to have a tubal ligation with metal clips?

Anyways, I agree, you might like to see a physiotherapist that specializes in pelvic pain. This therapist might be able to tell you which nerves or muscles seem vulnerable.

Can you sit pain free? Can you sit in a toilet seat pain free? Pudendal neuralgia is diagnosed when three consecutive fluoroscopy-guided nerve blocks are administered one month apart into the root of the pudendal nerve in our buttock. If the blocks ( which contain an anaesthetic and cortisone ) calm the nerve and allow you to sit, then this proves the pudendal nerve is she how injured or compressed.

I had the decompression surgery and it was during the operation that the surgeon could visibly see that two ligaments had ‘ juxtaposed’ from overuse and being very athletic. My right inferior rectal nerve and the rear part of my right pudendal nerve had adhered to the ligaments and fascia in my rectal area. He released them and now the terrible burning pain I had is gone. I still have residual pain and I am not sure if I feel sacr tissue or if the area is still healing.

Have you been seen by a Pain specialist? This may be a start. Just make sure you are given ‘Pain Clinic Intake Forms’ to fill out. Bring an advocate with you if you can. I have found that women are treated badly by many doctors. They feel we have an emotion based chronic pain when in reality we have been athletic, worked hard, raised kids and have injured ourselves.

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