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Monthly experience and hysterectomy

I hope you don't mind, here is a post I made in another area.

[Hello, I am now 63 years young. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy in 2001. The problems I had at the time prior, was I looked about 5 months pregnant and had terrible B.M. problems. Yeah, I had a lot of endometriosis scarring and my uterus was quite enlarged. I wanted to get a second opinion and tried calling my original ob/gyn without success, (only got to talk to his nurse). The ob surgeon wanted to take everything out, ovaries, cervix, etc. He convinced me I would be better off with hormone supplementation after and have level emotions all month long. What I did not expect to have, is mourning for my "female" parts. How hard it would be to obtain HRT replacement that I truly needed for my body, and the difference having my cervix out made in my climaxes. Also, after surgery, when I got my surgical paperwork, with biopsy info concerning my ovaries, I found that they were totally healthy, and there was no need to have them out. The surgeon just wanted to take everything out because it was simpler for him.

Well, exactly one month to the day after surgery, I obtained a leiomyosarcoma on the top of my nose! My dermatologist biopsied it, then I had to have more cut by a plastic surgeon. Was this cancer starting to attach to my female organs, then when they were gone circulate through my blood stream to form under the skin between the bridge and tip directly on top of my nose instead? ]

Something I wanted to mention, and failed to do so. When I had a DNC with photos taken prior to surgery, I was diagnosed with lots of polyps. The surgeon "lied" on my paperwork saying that I had a lot of period pain. So not the reason for getting checked out because I had very mild period cramps and almost no cramping at all. No heavy bleeding and every month I could schedule starting to the day with always the same amount of bleeding and never going over number of days. Go figure!

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