I'm 38yrs last year during a miscarriage I was told I had 4 fibroids. I was told they were small enough to try calling pregnant again as it's all me and my partner wants. However after 7mths of trying we have not been successful and now I think the fibroids have grown. Last year I was told by the doctor there was no need for medication or surgery but now I'm wishing I made them do something before they got bigger. But all I was told then was, I shouldn't worry people can get pregnant with fibroids. But I'm worrying more because we haven't been able to plus I'm sure I can feel one fibroid through my stomach

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  • I'm 36yrs and just been told I have a fibroid approx 5cm and they told me could effect my chances of anymore children (I do have children and don't plan anymore) however mine has only grown over last 12 months and now awaiting a treatment plan... If I was you I would head back to your Dr as mine are causing me pain, incontinence etc and I wouldn't wish my symptoms on anyone xxx good luck xxxx

  • Thank you for your reply. I now have a scan appointment to check the size of my fibroids as last year the biggest one was on the lining of the womb near where a baby would grow I now feel like I can feel it through my belly. Which is probably why we are no having any success in falling pregnant. I'm taking all these vitamins that say helps the shrink them, any thing I eat is fruit and veg as everything says is better to help reduce the size. I just wish the doctor I saw last year had done something to remove them instead of saying I wouldn't worry about them. We may of had or been pregnant with first child by now. Thank you for your advice.

  • Hi Carla

    Sorry for your loss.

    You know your body best and as time is of the essence, why not see your GP ask for urgent referal to Specialist for up date on your fibroids and any help you may need? Did you have an Internal /Transvaginal Ultrasound scan last year or just the Pelvic Ultrasound?

  • I had an internal scan. I was also given an appointment with the colposcopy clinic when I they first told me about the fibroids. However when I went to see a doctor about my miscarriage another internal scan was done and they measured them. I have a golf ball size by cervix. A walnut size in the upper lining of the womb and two grape size by my ovaries. I was told I didn't really need to go to the colposcopy appointment as she didn't feel medication or surgery was needed and she was sure us we should be able to fall pregnant again. Now I'm wishing I went, they could of removed the fibroids over a year ago and me and my partner may of had our first child by now. Now I'm so worried they have got bigger which has prevented us from being successful and consistently thinking about the fibroids is making me so stressed.

  • I know own it's easier said than done but try not to stress and see if you can phone the department directly and ask for another Colposcopy appoinment very soon.


  • Thank you for your reply. Monday morning I love b ringing for another appointment. Thanks for the advice x

  • X

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