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Hysterectomy or no Hysterectomy


I'm due to have a hysterectomy in November as I have Fibroids. I'm 44 and my fibroids have caused me discomfort generally and pain during sex. I'm getting hormone injections to make the operation easier. But now that the fibroids have shrunk due to the hormones I'm wondering whether I need the Hysterectomy. I'm going to talk to my GP but I'd like to hear others advice on this. Thanks.

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Hi I am in a similar situation I was given esmya first to shrink the fibroids and then because they had grown larger I was told my only option was a hysterectomy I looked for further options and found that there is a procedure called uterine fibroid embolisation it is a non invasive procedure and the recovery time is two weeks which is better than the hysterectomy option and yr uterus is left intact I'm booked in for the end of Oct it's done by a intervention radiologist there's loads of info on Internet hope this helps there's always other

Options good luck

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Thank you. I'll look into that.

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Hope your procedure goes well.

I'm male, but take it from me. When my mother had a hysterectomy for ovarian cancer, it caused all sorts of pain and discomfort. I would highly recommend you try to avoid one at any reasonable cost. There's issues that result from the vacancy where your bladder can sulk into the open tissue left behind and cause incontinence, and pain. Seek out other options!

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Thank you

Hi I have fibroids and was bleeding constantly very heavy I had the merina coil fitted 9months ago it has made such a difference in my life without going through a hysterectomy

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Hi, thanks for your reply. I've considered that but it's not really the periods that are the problem for me. It's the size of the fibroids and I don't think the cool affects the size. Glad you're feeling better.

Yes I agree with Karen, NHS are quick to jump to the conclusion to do a hysterectomy, which is not fun. Always get a second opinion even if you have to go to alternative hospital

They are quick to jump, and typically more complications from the surgery than not. I regret mine--she was rough, did it vaginally and just found out --after 8 years agonizing, disabling pain, 32 doctors, (blah blah blah) that my hysterectomy has probably caused my current issue of 'pudendal neuralgia'. Please check into other options. GOOD LUCK! :)

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