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Any advice would be greatly appreciated, about 3 weeks ago I was unwell and I had a UTI, got given antibiotics and felt a little better but still not right, went back to the doctors and still showed infection, they gave me another lot of antibiotics which I thought I was getting better but it would be up and down, I went back to the doctors again and they said traces of white blood cells are still showing but was a bit bermused that I was still in pain and. One day I start to feel better then next I need the toilet every two seconds and loader tummy and back hurts and feel unwell. I am in the middle of buying a house, and now a family brievement. I have been reading up about IC and wondered if anyone suffers from this and if my symptoms sound familiar, any advice would be greatly appreciated. The same thing happened about a year and a half ago for about 8 weeks.

Thanks K

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Yep I have the same and has happened before. I was told that we can be left with inflammation after a serious uti and it will take a while to settle. I can be fine for days then bang everything hurts again. Have you tried probiotics specifically for these probs ? Im taking them plus Crannmed capsules, can't say yet if they are working or not but I'll try anything to get over this. I am also thinking IC so I'll be asking my Urologist next time I see him and Ive also got a referral to gynae just to cover all possibilities !

Hope you feel better soon, it's a miserable thing to have.


Thank you for your response. I started to take cranberry tablets high doesage but when reading it about IC I wondered if I can take the, as it says you should have cranberry juice, I wonder if that's because of the sugar and I should take the tablets?

I started taking Acidophilus with my antibiotics, do you take them continually?

Thanks again for your advice, I really hope it is just inflammation of the bladder and will calm down soon for you too. x


Cranberry juice is very acidic and can make things worse plus there is no evidence that cranberry does anything at all, some swear it does but the scientific evidence says otherwise, I bought the cranberry capsules to just see if they help but I think they are irritating things down there !

I take Probiotics For Women by Optibacs as they contain the right strains and are apparently proved to survive the gut so getting to the right places, again I'm not sure if they work or not but I'll try anything.

Today is another painful day, I just wish I knew why and what starts it off, might ditch the cranberry, back to square one 😕


Hi K

I was wondering if any of your urine samples were sent to the lab and the infection was identified (usually ecoli I think). Also which antibiotic you were prescribed. Do you know if the infection is fully cleared up yet? Any raised temperature?


Hi Mary,

Yes they were sent about two weeks ago and came back clear, no action which is also what happened about 18 months ago. They sent it then about 4 times & same answer every time. x

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Hi again K.

So has anyone suggested an abdominal Ultrasound scan to check out your kidneys?

Do you think you may have had a problem with small kidney stones?

Have you had any blood tests? Is it worth asking for Calcium and Vitamin D levels to be tested.

Did they find protein in your urine samples?

I am not medically qualified just thinking of a few things you might want to consider asking GP about if you haven't already.



Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for your advice. They did a kidney scan when I had this 18 months ago and found nothing, no protein in the urine. Seeing doctor this morning. I do lack in vitamin d as my epileptic medication does strip this. Xx

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I believe that without sufficient Vitamin D, Calcium isn't absorbed properly and can go to wrong places such as tissue and blood vessels.

What is your latest Vitamin D blood test result? What dose has your GP started you on? Did you need the loading doses first?

Wonder if it's worth asking GP to check Vitamin D, Calcium and other nutrients levels including B12, Folate and Ferritin? Maybe another kidney scan?

Have you ever had blood tests to check your Thyroid - in particular Thyroid Antibodies TPO and Tg?



Please, please do not take any kind of cranberry or acidic product if u have any type of bladder problem. I have i.c. and do urself a favor and follow the i.c. diet 2012. It saved my life, as my pain drug on for two excruciating years and I could get no relief. No coffee, only peppermint and marshmaow root tea. If u need more help please pm me and I can do my best to help u...


for prolonged UTI, I'd suggest natural herbal therapy diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills when antibiotics don't work. I'm not sure the effects of diuretic pills on treating IC, but pretty sure it has good effect on treating UTI.


Natural/herbal does not necessarily mean safe. Please get medical advice before taking any medication as you have indicated your take epilepsy medication. Even natural/herbal medications can have interactions with other prescribed medications and medical conditions. Speak to your doctor before taking any new medication. We are not medically trained. Take care.


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