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Pelvic infection disease

Hi guys. Long shot for any advice ia located in the UK but would like everyones advice.

I found out a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend cheated for i went to get checked out and got diagnosed with PID and being told that you can only get this by having a STI really freaked me out with only being 22. I got treated with 2 sets of antibiotics to cover everything. My symptoms were pain in the lower abdomen after sex and spotting afterwards as well. Got my results and come back negative (thank the lord) but it opens so many more doors now? I dont know what i should do if i should now go to my doctors and get checked a second time? The clinic has said my boyfriend should get checked anyway with being diagnosed with PID anyone elses partner been checked out? My sister suffers from endometriosis, im just wondering if it could be hereditary? I dont have my appendix. Could anyone give me a clue of what to do please

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Other than PID, it could be endometriosis or something else. Do you have periods? If so, do you have pain during a period or during ovulation? In my experience (of endometriosis and being on the Endometriosis UK forum) typically women have more than solely pain/bleeding during/after sex. Usually there are some other symptoms around the menstrual cycle. Occasionally though a woman will get diagnosed with endo who didn't have any overt symptoms at all (e.g. it is found during surgery for something else), so it is possible and certainly excluding endometriosis is normally part of a differential diagnosis for pelvic pain.

Regardless of all this, if it were me, I would personally follow up with your GP. They will be able to pin down what symptoms you have so that they can make the correct diagnosis, advise you whether you need another test or not, and also give you advice surrounding going forward from here.

As your boyfriend is sleeping with more than one person, and presumably this is unprotected sex, he should go to the GUM clinic and get checked out himself. He could be harbouring any number of STIs, or if he is lucky, none at all. If you stay with him and continue to be intimate with him, then it would be prudent to ensure that any sexual contact is protected sexual contact rather than purely contraceptive. So get yourself safe and look after yourself!

Hope this helps.

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I think the safe thing is to go see my doctor, my sister suffers from endometriosis and i didnt know if it was hereditary. I donhave periods yes and do suffer from nad period pains too. I wouldnt sleep wih him till hes checked now anyway but its just the doctor saying you can only gey PID from a sti i thoughty life was over kind of :/

Thank you for your advice


I have never had a positive STD test and neither has my boyfriend and I have PID from an infection I got from my IUD so its definitely not just from STDs. That is just the most common cause.

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Ive not had a IUD, its only because the doctor said you can only get it from an sti which really freaked me out. Thank you


Its been a while just to tell you guys because you have helped out. I got checked out at the doctors and got checked for STI's and so did my boyfriend and both clear and my symptoms have gone after about a montj. I don't think the doctor at the GUM clinic had the right to say its most likely an STI as that really stressed me out, i had seizures and panic attacks over the stress of it. I have seizures brought on by stess so that was not something i needed.

And the boyfriend has been truly honest with me so everything is sorted with him.

Thank you guys

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