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Severe Belly and Leg Swelling 3 months post op laparoscopy cystectomy. Need Help! Pain!

Hi all,

I have suffered with ovarian cysts and endometriosis for several years. Have had several surgeries to correct the problems. Happy to say my endometriosis is now gone, however my last cyst surgery was a nightmare and I need guidance on what to do.

To make a long story short all of last year I had a large cyst growing on my right ovary. It was so large that in wrapped itself around my uterus and finally found a home on my left ovary and colon. This caused so much pain and digestive disorders for at least a year. Ct Scans an Ultra Sounds couldn't find it sooner because it was hidden.

Had laparoscopic surgery 3 months ago. The doctor was able to get it out without cutting me open. Was immediately happy to find answer. Now I am worried on what is happening to my body. Here are my symptoms.

1. Cramping pain on both sides of abdomen. Feels like I have been gutted like a fish

2. Only one period since operation

3. My whole body is swollen especially my stomach and legs. It all looks like fluid build up. I can no longer wear my clothes and my legs and stomach hurt from all the fluid. I look 8 months pregnant. I have gained so much weight with no cause. My whole body feels tight.

I need help figuring out what is going on. My doc wants to throw meds at me, but I go crazy on birth control. I break out in rashes and feel like I am losing my mind. And diuretics make my anxiety worse.

I personally think that a large cyst that invaded my body with its poison for a year would take a little longer than 3 months to recover from.

Can anybody help on what is going on? I feel like the surgery was the most traumatic yet and that I just need to give my body time to heal.

Just need so advice. Is this normal or do I need to worry?

Thanks in advance!


PS. 38 yr old.

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As it is only 3 months since surgery I would phone your Consultant /Surgeon's secretary and ask to be seen again ASAP as you're not coping.

You have been through an awful lot. Very traumatic. Yes you do need time to heal. But you could do with some support and answers couldn't you? Were you warned this would happen post op? When you say Ultraround scan. Did you have the Internal Ultrasound scan?

I have no experience of this sorry, but it doesn't sound right all this swelling does it?

About the legs - you could ask for a referal to the Lympthoedema Service /Clinic to see if they can give you any support.

When you have been seen by a Consultant within the last 12 months it is OK to contact them via secretary and ask to be seen in clinic again without waiting for another referal.


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Thank you for the well thought out reply. I appreciate your help.

Thank you!

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