Help, anyone had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

I was diagnised with PID in December 2015 and it's been hell for me. I have chronic pelvic pain every day. My cycles are up the shoot. I've had relapses of infections. I just wanted to know of anyone else's experiences with PID . I was trying to conceive before I found out I got this now I will have to have ivf as the risk is too great to conceive naturally and I could have an ectopic. Please message your experiences and I'm open to chatting through messenger or what's app if you like. There is no current social chat websites out there for PID. Any help would be greatly welcome. Thanx.

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  • Your cycles are up the shoot? What does your oain feel like?

  • I have dysfunctional uterine bleeding all the time. Pain can vary daily, throbbing, aching, sharp, dull, burning. Have you had experience of PID?

  • I have not, I've been told I have a weak pelvic floor that can contribute to this bilateral stretching pain. I fear having PID quite a bit, but I have had several pelvic infections and I never have pain when they palpate my ovaries or tug on my uterus. Obviously, fertility is a huge fear of mine. I feel like I'm so in tune with my body that I even can feel my follicles growing sometimes. But several doctors have told me I don't have PID but I still worry because the end of my periods can be brown.

  • pelvic exams*** I have never had a pelvic infection, only cervicitis

  • Hello i just resd ur comment osnt it normal fornperiod to to brown during the last few days

  • Hi I had PID when I was in my twenty’s and I know the pain you are going through but sadly I couldn’t conceive either my Fallopian tubes got blocked and I had cysts in my overies and had hysterectomy I am talking about forty years ago but I am sure much more can be done now sorry I can’t give you any more on and hope everything goes well for you all my love janebee. Xx

  • Thanx for your response. I'm sorry to hear of your problems too. Did u have ivf or not have children? x

  • Hi I dident have Ivf that wasent a option then my children were adopted and both of them are in their 40s and I love them to the moon and back and I also have 4 grandchildren and they all have brought me great happiness and pleasure to my life I just don’t know how my life would have been without them all and I hope you find happiness whatever road you take all my love janebee xx

  • Thank you janebee, that's wonderful you adopted. I believe God has a path for us all, and this was yours. You are an inspiration and courageous. I hope i too can find my rightful path after having PID. It's a wretched disease and not well talked about by women and I think more should share their experiences which I know is difficult to do. My friends don't understand what I've been through nor do work colleagues, only close family and my wonderful husband. The thought of off is daunting but I still pray for a miracle I may conceive naturally one day. Thank you for Sharing your story x

  • Ivf I meant to type!

  • Hi boogie I know how you feel and until you have been down that road nobody knows what heartache it can cause and it is not something you can avoid because there is beautiful children everywhere you go I feel blessed t I was given the chance

  • Sorry boogie I clicked the send button by mistake as I was saying I feel blessed to have been given the chance to adopt two beautiful children and had the pleasure to have four beautiful grandchildren I hope everything turns out for you no matter what path you take I wish you all the luck in the world and I will keep you in my prayers please keep me updated on your progress all my love. Janebee. Xxx

  • Hey!

    I have PID and completley empathise with the pain! I really suffered with the pain it literally crippled me at its worst, i had an ultrasound which showed fluid in my left tube so i was given 3 lots of antibiotics 1 after another, and when i had my last ultrasound it showed the fluid had cleared, my gynae agreed to do a lap and dye which i had at the end of september, they found some adheshions which they believe were caused by PID and they were lasered off and unfortunatly my tubes were found to be both blocked so we’ve been told IVF is our only option aswell. Luckily since my op and since they lasered away the adheshions my pain has been very minimal, i still suffer abit but its no where near as bad as it was before my operation and its definatly not controlling my life like it had been. Please feel free to private message me! Xxxx

  • Thanx for your response. Would be great to message directly? x

  • I have had PID on many occasions and I have been septic a few times. It's thought to be chronic now. The pain is pretty horrendous. I completely understand your chronic pain however due to the adhesions and damage done by infections I've been pretty much written off. It's hard to find others because I don't think it's common I might be wrong

  • Hi Annabelle101

    Many thanks for your reply. Would you like to whats app and chat. I really would like to chat with someone to help and understand more. I too feel as you do.

  • Hi hun I was diagnosed with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease in February 2015 and had the SGH test done first November this year and was told one my tubes are blocked so I'm now waiting to be seen in January by my specialists to tell me what nexted plan is, the pain is unreal but it's a waiting game now...

  • Hi Boodie I am looking for a case study of someone who has had PID - is there anyway I can ask you a few questions if possible?

    Thanks so much


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