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Has anyone had Embolization, am having it in Feb & am terrified?

I have fibroids & am going to have embolization in February as that or a hysterectomy seemed to be my only choices. I am terrified especially as the Dr who is doing it told the only reason I will spend the night in hospital is because I won't be able to cope with the pain at home. From what I have read about it it sounds horrific. I am also mega squemish so the thought of having an IV for hours has got me mega freaked. Need to know it's not as bad as I think as I am completely freaked out about it & am not sure I will be able to cope with the pain & having multiple things stuck in my body. Thanks for any advice.

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I'm not sqemish about needles, but it's probably to give you pain relief, so you'll be so knocked out from medicine, you may just fall asleep. Once they put in one needle, they don't put another one in. It's a permanent portal. If it hurts I ask for a different nurse. Talk to your Dr. & tell him how you feel about needles. Maybe he can figure something out to help lot of people have this fear.


Thanks I have the number for the sister & I am going to ask to be sedated before they put it in as I know I am going to have a major freak out when they do it. I do know it's pain relief & antibiotics & that the procedure is done under a local so I will be awake the whole time. Not sure how I'm going to cope as I know I'm not going to be able to move while it's in & if I see it or feel it I will freak out.


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