Has anyone else had pudendal nerve decompression surgery?

Hello, while I have only been on this support network for a short period of time, it is a relief to see that I am not alone in this battle. I have read of several individuals who have seen positive results pudendal nerve decompression surgery (pasha, catfish, fionaKim, and spiritgirl142). Are there any other individuals who had this surgery and got better or are seeing positive gains? Would anyone care to share their experiences, as I will probably be scheduling it soon myself.

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  • I'm heading to Minneapolis MN for surgery from Stanley Antolak.Not very informed but trusting him,since he has done 7000! IKNOW its difficult and not 100percent,but, the alternative is to constantly drugged on narcotics! You are blessed however.My husband and I and two highly regarded specialist searched for almost 3 years to find a name for this monster killing me! No one anywhere had a clue and later drs.had never heard of Levator ani or pudendal pain.There is so much info now ,even though most drs.will not learn to treat it.I feel I must send out any info I have to any site pertaining! I need the information you seek! Judy r

  • Judy rentz: dr. Antolak started independently doing these surgeries in 2003. He has done less than 200. I wish you all the success in the world and pray for your full recovery but I just want you to know the facts. Dr ansell in Huston has done the most in the usa at 400 followed by dr hibner . I hope thAt helps.

  • I a so shocked to hear this.Dr Antolak told me the number. I had a specialist in Chattanooga TN,who saved my life with internal blocks,which have now failed. I trust him totally and he told me to go to Antolak????????? Judyr

  • Hi judyrentz, there must of been a misunderstanding. He started doing them 2003. I know this for sure. I felt obligated to tell you this. Previous to 2003 he worked in the mayo clinic and a neurosurgeon did the surgery. There are only a few doctors that does this surgery and dr antolak is one of them. He is great at diagnosing it too because he personally does the PNMLT, wdt, and nerve blocks. But like I said dr ansell has done the most in the US at 400. Dr robert in France has done this for 30 years and has done 4000. So 7,000 is impossible .

  • This is a huge discrepancy! Maybe Antolak wrote the wrong number.I was shocked to see it! however,I contacted my former specialist today,whom I trust completely,and he told me I was in good hands! I've waited a long while,so I am going to Minnesota.Thanks for the info. Judy r

  • Hi judyrentz, you are absolutely in good hands and I hope we beat this disease. He cares a lot and is very smart. Also his team is so helpful. Good lick.

  • I live in Chattanooga, Tn. My son has PNE. We have been to Houston and talked with Dr. Ansell. He told us that the improvement rate with surgery is 40-60%. We set up a surgery date in July 2013, but b/c of the low improvement rate, my decided to wait for now. Sadly, b/c of Obamacare, his insurance dropped him in Dec. 2013. Hope your surgery goes well. Please let me know how you are doing at dfgilbert1@aol.com. I will do all I can to find the best results and care for my son. Hoping for % increase of the surgery with better techniques.

  • Funny, you are listed on catfish's site as one who has already had the surgery. Am I misunderstanding or getting the run around???

  • I also had decompression surgery with Dr Hibner and am having excellent results .... Add me to the list please!

  • I am a patient of Dr. Hibner's and I'm considering the surgery. Would you recommend Dr. Hibner and his team?

  • After five years of trial treatments, dozens of injections months of PT and the list goes on and on I had surgery with Dr Hibner on March 6, 2017 and am very hopeful of some relief. I'm very aware that not every one is helped so it's a waiting game. I'm happy for you!

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