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Has someone had to open the vagina in some kind of surgery? (nodules, hysterectomy..). I'm worried if this procedure leaves permanent pain:/



I am very worried about something.

I will soon have surgery to remove my endometriosis (laparoscopy).

They're going to remove my ovarian endometriomas, adhesions and remove an endometrioc nodule that is behind my uterus (torus uterinus). I probably other things.

This nodule is located in the base (behind the uterus), in the top of the vaginal canal.

They said that most likely they will have to open my vagina (the mucosa) to remove the nodule.

I'm very concerned about the removal of this nodule, because in my daily basis I do not have pain in my vagina (I have in my belly, intestines, etc) - I don't know if the nodule causes me pain during intercourse, because I do not have it for long time - and I think that making a cut, and stitches, in such sensitive area I can have pain forever in pain my vagina (due to cutting and sewing). Open the vaginal canal is very scary.

Has anyone had to open the vagina to remove nodules or other lesions?

I know that in hysterectomy the vaginal canal is opened then stitched, but I do not know if women are in pain because of the scar in that area or if they feel the scar inside.

I'm wondering the cut and scar tissue will left me with permanent pain in the vagina...

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PPSN_JudyBPelvic Pain Support Netwo


You are right to be cautious about this. I have experience of surgery for a recto- vaginal nodule this and I am sure that stitches are a major reason for continuing severe pain.

Which hospital are you having this done at and do you know who is going to do it ? Did an MRI show this nodule ?

xweeta in reply to PPSN_JudyB


Thanks. I'm not from England or USA, but my surgery will be with a specialist.

I guess the stitches go away (are absorved). The major problem will be the scar (fibrotic tissue).

Did you had pain already in that area before surgery?

I just have pain there when my doctor click on it.

PPSN_JudyBPelvic Pain Support Netwo in reply to xweeta

It depends what type of sutures are used, nerves can be affected by sutures as well as scar tissue. Adhesions can trap nerves.

Trans-ischiorectal approach for pudendal nerve decompression surgery by Dr. Bautrant is undertaken through the vagina.


I haven't had the same as you however I have a biopsy taken from vaginal wall, I have pain during sex anyway however it hasn't been any worse since the biopsy!! I'm going in for excision surgery for pelvic endometriosis colonic adhesions and hopefully they will take out the vaginal endometriosis but I don't have a date for this surgery yet.

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