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Colonoscopy and pelvic pain

I am supposed to get a routine colonoscopy next Friday, but am currently experiencing a flare up of pelvic pain symptoms. My insurance changes unfavorably next year so I wanted to get the colonoscopy done this year, but am worried the procedure might aggravate my symptoms. Has anyone with chronic pelvic pain symptoms acting up had a colonoscopy? If so, how was the experience?

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Hey sweets - I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy last week and they cut out abnormal tissue - I have chronic pelvic pain from endometriosis and it did not affect the preexisting pain. The colonoscopy caused no pain but lower pelvic discomfort from gas - which exercise and peppermint oil relieve :)


Thank you very much for your reply. I expected lots of gas following the procedure, and am comforted to hear the procedure itself did not irratate your pelvic floor. Not looking forward to the prep / drink inneed to consume the night before AND the morning of the procedure :-0.

Thanks again for your reply!


Hey babes - regarding the prep - I highly suggest you have some of the clear apple juice if approved, as your mood drops pretty bad by the end of the day! I wish I'd had some - i didnt get any til 10pm that night and i wish Id had it earrrlier

the taste of the drink is fine, but drinking so much plain water is bleurgh so mix it uppp!




Thanks for the tip! I know I can't have any red liquids - but I'll ask the doctor to make sure!



I've had severe Rectal and vaginal pain due to scar tissue trapping a nerve and I did not have a reaction from a colonoscopy . You do get a bit of gas right after procedure yet not same a other pain

Good luck and worse part is the prep !



Thanks for sharing! Not looking forward to the prep :-(


There's a new test, where they send you a box in the mail, with instructions.basically, you send them a full BM sample, in their preservative. It comes w everything & full instructions. You mail it back to them, UPS picks it up from your home. It detects if any cancer cells stuff off. This can save you, possibly, from having to go thru a colonoscopy. My internist ordered it for me. It's a new test. Just thought I'd mention it.


Thanks for the additional recommendation! I actually had the procedure done, and the prep and procedure was not bad at all! The worst part was I was up throughout the night going to the bathroom, but not as bad as I had thought :-).


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