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cronic pelvic pain


i suffer from cronic pelvic pain after a lot of different surgeries such as prolapse .i am 64 and fed up i recently had a relationship but now find this impossible as i get extreme pain in my vaginal area afterwards .anybody any ideas i do take pain relief for my other pain in my spine a compressed 3rd vertebrae after a fall this does nothing for my pelvic pain its depressing

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Hi Sandra!!!! Boy do I know how u feel!!!! I'm 62 and have had rectal and pelvic pain god over two years!!! My husband has been great cuz we haven't had sex in almost three years!!! It's been awful!!!! I just had a ganglion block of impar to help with it but not sure it's going to work!!! I am so frustrated!!! It has destroyed my life! I have pain every single day in my butt and have degenerative disk disease in my cervical and lumbar and sacral spine. It's awful. I have been on norco for seven years and trying to get off!!! Have u tried pelvic floor therapy? I have found two therapists the second doing so much more than the first !! It does help! I have seen 7 gi doctors, 2 colorectal doctors, acupuncture, physical therapy and two psychologists and hypnotherapy!!!! It's crazy!!! Went to Stanford three weeks ago to see three different docs which helped cuz I found a diagnosis finally. Now I'm dealing with pain management at Stanford. This is crazy!!!! I totally know how u feel!!! I am so sorry for your pain!! It's debilitating and depressing!!!!! Don't get hooked on pain pills!!! It caused the bowel problems. Try to find a pelvic floor therapist and maybe pain management!!! It could help!!!! I'm here if u need to talk. I have conversed with other people but they don't always reply!!! I wish u good luck and please keep in touch!!! I will be here for u!

Thank you for getting back to me .i have had pain for so long i am sick of it. i live alone .my husband left me because i di not give him the sex he wanted . i have just finished with the last man in my life he turned out to just want sex and i am not able any more life is horrible but geusse what i have my lovely little dog who is my world

Hi Sandra. Thanks for writing back!!! So nice to hear from u. Oh I also tried Botox. Didn't work!!! I'm sorry to hear about the husband and man situation. I know how that is!!! I have asked my husband if he wants to leave (just depressed about this condition) and he said no we have been together 37 years and am not going anywhere so I'm lucky. I would suggest trying one of the nerve blocks. Like I said I had ganglion block of impar and the steroid has finally kicked in but just a little. But it has helped! The other is hypogastric nerve block. I'm hoping to have that. I was also diagnosed with narcotic bowel syndrome after having ibs for five years so I have a combo of things going on!!! U might look up those procedures and mention them to your doctor!!! I hope to have the hypogastric block to compare and then do the permanent block as these r diagnostic and not permanent. I'm glad u have your furry friend!!! I love my little guy too. I know the pain sucks. Day in and day out its been hell!!! I know how I feel and it's awful!!!!! No one understands!!!!! I know my family gets tired of hearing about it but I'm tired of having it!!!!! I want to be normal!!!! I can't plan ANYTHING!!!!!! It all revolves around how I will feel in the morning!!!! It usually takes me three hours before I can even think of doing something and that doesn't always happen!!!! I hope u will keep in touch!!!

i have found its best being alone becasue i do not have to explain about bowel problems daily i just deal with them .you know i can not go out in the morning until i have sorted that area out and i can not lift .i am a bit sick of being alone but thats life. i live in a beutiful place by the sea so there are compensations . its nice to have someone to talk to who truly understands take care

Hi Sandra!!! So good to hear from u!!! I understand everything completely. I get tired of telling people why I can't do things especially in the morning! I'd love to go for a walk early or be out in the yard but nope!!! No can do and it sucks!! I have three grandkids whom I'd love to have over or be able to watch whenever!!! But of course that can't happen!!! Not yet!!! Was really hoping this injection would work but don't think it is .(. Told the doctor we should try the other which relaxes the colon and sphincter muscle. We will see. I love water so it must be nice where u live and that helps. Peaceful to me!!! Can I ask where u live? U r not alone!!! U ever need to talk I will be here. I don't have many people to talk to that understands this. I know my mom and husband r tired of it and I'm sure my daughter is but she and I r soooo close that she puts up with it. Lol. My son could probably care less!!! Sometimes I feel so all alone!!! I keep asking how did this happen? I did have a rectal exam with a scope and felt a pop and from that point on the butt headache started and is now awful two years later. Like u I don't want to live my life like this!!!! This is hell!!! I feel like I am not useful or worth much at times!!!! So depressing!!! I hope that u will keep in touch cuz u know what it's like at our age. We still have a lot to live and give!!!! Take care Sandra!!!!

Just turning over in bed is so painfull that it makes me shout. left hip painfull with osteo arthritis but also dragging feeling inside when I turn over.

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