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Colonoscopy with pelvic and Levator ani syndrome (Spasms)


Hello, does anyone know if you are in need of a colonoscopy and are having severe pelvic floor spasms which have finally after months calmed down a little, will the colonoscopy cause the spasms to return or become worse afterwards?

Also, does anyone know or experience this? I never had spasms until I went for a pelvic floor exam, about 5 days after the exam I went into full rectum and virginal spasms. Is there something that could have gone wrong with the exam to cause this? Did she hurt something or injure something in my pelvic floor? It was a two finger exam, but I am in full blown spasms for 2 months and worried.

Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated!! Thank you all .

Kindest regards,


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Hi Danielle, I had a colonoscopy at the time I was getting spasms in my pelvic floor (vagina area) and was also suffering from long term anal fissures and it didn’t make things worse for me.

I was advised by the St Mary’s team I was under that it would be fine to go ahead with, as helpful to know if there were any inflammation signs there or any other problems there.

However, I wasn’t suffering from any rectal spasms at the time, so might be slightly different for you.

Where are you getting your colonoscopy done? And who are you being seen under for your pelvic floor spasms? They should be able to advise you on this properly.


Why do you need a colonoscopy?

I was told I needed one when I turned 50. My complaint was tingling in my rectum after prolonged sitting. I had no bloating, constipation, abdominal pain or occult blood present in my stool. I was sedated for my colonoscopy.

The gastroenterologist said I likely had levator ani spasms. Ten months after that procedure, I couldn’t sit! My rectum felt electrocuted!

The tingling was caused by a migrated metal titanium Filshie clip. The colonoscopy made for that clip to become onto my rectum and cause pain, damage and scarring for ten years!

Do you have metal clips from a previous tubal ligation in your pelvis? Have an X-Ray done if so. These clips cause terrible pain, scarring, abscesses and the doctors cover it up. It’s fraudulent behaviour. The doctors don’t believe they cause pain and they do. I almost died.

Keep me posted.

Hi!! I had a rectal exam in 2015 with a scope and felt a pop!! Told my doctor!!! Nothing said!! Have had spasms ever since with having to try new meds for it which caused more problems!!! I had a colonoscopy in 2016 which showed nothing!!! What the hell!!! I've seen every doctor in the book. Seen two colorectal in Sacramento, the only two here!!! One says I need a colonoscopy to show if there is inflammation!!! My problem also happens a lot after a bowel movement!!! All of this sucks!!!! I don't think I'll ever be normal!!!! I'm SO sick of all this shit!!!! Keep me posted on how things turn out!!! I do know how hard this is for u!!!! I live this every day!!!!! I wish u the best!!! Please take care!!!

rozamond in reply to Karen1954

We're u able to purchase ice packs? After many b ms yesterday had the most painful day and night ever I was screaming. With pain nothing worked today a bit quieter hope I can enjoy holiday what a joke happy holiday to you and yours

Karen1954 in reply to rozamond

Hi rozamond!!! Yes I did purchase the ice packs!!! Big help!!! I know how awful it is to go poo and be in pain!!! I'm SO sorry u had to deal with that!!!! I hate going poo!!!! It's excruciating or I feel better for a second thinking this is good and bam!!!!! Burning like my ass is on fire!!!! I don't know what to do anymore!!! Seems like it has gotten worse!!!! I'm going to colorectal today but he probably won't tell me anything new!!!! What r we suppose to do? I'm SO lost right now. I don't seem to be able to enjoy life!!! U either!!! I thought about going to Stanford or ucsf but not sure yet. It takes some time to get in there. Sometimes I just can't push through the pain!!! When I feel stool in the rectum feels like I need to have a bm but that's not always the case and then I strain and I feel worse!!! Why did God give us this shit!!!! We r nice loving and caring women and we r resorted to this?!!!!! Anyway happy Easter my friend!!! Hope to talk to u soon!!!! I hope u can feel better soon!!! Easier said than done!!!! Hugs!!!

rozamond in reply to Karen1954

Just went to phmcy to pick up amitrypiline my health insurance would not fill because of my age said it doesn't react well in senior citizens I guess I will be on oxicodone for the rest of my life anyway good holiday to u again never give up hope🙏

Karen1954 in reply to rozamond

Hi!!! Does the oxy help? I've been on nucynta instead of norco for almost two years but doesn't help too much!!! For the price I pay it should work wonders!!!! Lol. I've never heard that about amytryptiline!!!! I've been taking it for about a week and a half. No changes!!! It's hard not to give up but I don't want to die but living like this is not fun!!!! I don't do anything for fun!!! How can u have fun when your ass is on fire or in spasms?!!!!!! I'm tired of pushing through!!! Might try Botox again!!!! Will see what the doctor says!!! Do take care my friend!!! U r always in my prayers!!! Talk to u soon!!!

rozamond in reply to Karen1954

O yes takes the edge off not worth the chance of getting addicted. Have had botox several times on the buttocks but never internally didn't work u name it I have tried it even medical weed ,did nothing I just continue suffering like u said I get sick of pushing . My kids r all coming for holiday and I hope to get thru it.lots of hope and love to u.

I am having the pt for 5 months and went to pain doc today...he put me on gabapentin and Flexeril still...also taking an MRI of pelvic floor then I fell on my butt after walking the dog after a storm so sure won't help...still waiting for the valium suppositories...ugh hate this

Hi rozamond!! I need something stronger to help!!!! Pot did nothing for me either!!! What a waste of money and time but we hurt so bad we r willing to do anything!!! I found a clinic that's suppose to help get rid of ibs. One is in Seattle and the other LA. I live in Sacramento but they offer appts through FaceTime or whatever. We will see. I just pushed myself to go to the gym and now home and in pain!!!! My pain is levator and burning!!! They both kill me!!! Keep me posted on how u r doing!!! My thoughts and prayers r with u!! Enjoy your family if u can!! I'm going to my daughters tomorrow. I hope!!! Hugs

Hello all,

Thank you all for taking the time to respond and provide insight and experience in this awful condition we “live” with.

I am currently starting pelvic floor physical therapy and will be attempting Botox injections to my pelvic floor soon. I have been prescribed Valium suppositories for Vagina and/ or rectum but unsure?? I will keep all of you updated if anything works, fingers crossed!!!

Nucynta is oxicodone very low dose mixed with tylenolitake 30mgm of oxicodone three times a day yes most times it helps not all. When acute nothing makes me very constipated .hope all is well

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