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Very uncomortable sensation

I am a 19 year old male and for the past 4 days I have had a very disturbing sensation occuring in my penis. Its like my penis has hypersensitivity and the feeling is not plesant at all. I can not focus on anything in my life due to this and it makes me feel weak. Can someone please tell me what this could be? I am hoping that it isnt pudendal neuralgia because that would really bother me due to the fact very little doctors know about it and it is very hard to treat. I dont have any burning when peeing and the main sensation is happening in my penis.

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Visit a good urologist and stop practicing self ejaculations and also avoid sex for a while,stay positive you will be perfectly fine.All d bst...


If it's not something you think could be an infection from sex, then the best thing you can do is stay really calm about it. Go listen to Sam Harris's meditation on youtube, lie down, and do some meditation, breathe evenly. Do really relaxing or gentle stuff, like any yoga stretches that you might know..child's pose is a good one. It's SO easy to let your mind go bananas when this stuff happens and it's incredibly hard to stay calm but finding ways to calm down your nervous system would be a good idea. And definitely see a doctor if you think it could be from a sexual encounter but just focus on relaxed breathing and chilling out no matter what happens with it.


Visit a urologist. Maybe you have some minor fungal infection. I belive you will be perfectly fine. 😊


How's things now?

Can you think of anything different that happened before this started? Sitting down for a long time - maybe cycling? Or straining yourself on the toilet? Anything at all or did it just start for no apparent reason?

I'd also suggest seeing an urologist to be sure and would echo the advice about staying relaxed.


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