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Anyone here with the same PN symptoms as myself?


It would seem to be the case that PN can cause a wide range of different symptoms. In many articles it clearly states the "foreign object" in the rectum/anus as being a common symptom although most sufferers posts regarding their PN condition do not seem to cite this particular symptom. For me I have this feeling ,as if there is a tennis ball up there which is causing either a horrendous numbness and extreme discomfort, or aching pain with throbbing lower back pain plus discomfort in my penis. I am due to see Dr Greenslade in Bristol on 25th july, I am praying to finally get a positive diagnosis for PN or PNE so that I can finally get treatment and hopfully relief from this utterly life robbing syndrome. Although I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy it would be very helpful to me if I knew I was not the only man in the world with this curse.This has totally isolated me, nobody seems to understand and It's made me feel like a complete, and very lonely freak.

I would be so grateful if someone could reassure me a little that I'm not.

Thank you.

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Thank you, I appreciate you responding.


I'm not a man but I know how it feels to have your life stolen by pain. It is lonely and scary and confusing and hopeless at times. I lost my job and my sex life. I can't sit for more than a minute and I'm afraid to eat. All the pleasures of life gone overnight and that's how its been for seven horrible months. But one thing I can tell you for sure is your not alone and you absolutely can not give up seeking treatment cause its out there. Lisa :-)


Hello Lisa,

Thank you for your support and encouragement. I am sorry to hear you are suffering so intently like myself but i will take heart from your words.


Hi David, just thought i would give you a few words of encouragement. im not a man but i had the feeling of a foreign object - ball/tampon - inside. i started with pn 2 years ago & felt frustrated & alone. This forum & the pudendal hope forum were able to help me & i had decompression of my pudendal nerves last year in france. im making excellent progress although it is subtle & slow. i work, play & generally have my life back. ive got a long way to go but im taking things slowly. I'm 40 years old & the things i used to do (crazy exercise fanatic) i cant but i can walk for miles & sit . im thankful & appreciative of life & for my family that held me together when i was broken ! keep focused & dont lose hope. caty


Hi Caty, thank you very much for your message. It's encouraging to know that a diagnosis of PN and surgery is working for you and that you're getting better. I've heard improvement after surgery takes a significant amount of time. Would you mind me asking how much time has passed since your surgery and if improvement is continuing?. I haven't had a diagnosis yet, I'm seeing Dr Greenslade in Bristol on 25th July. I am sure my symptoms are PN as I've had every other conceivable test that have all been negative. I've been told there's nothing wrong with me inspite of the fact that the symptoms have literally robbed me of my life. I only found out about PN a month ago and I've been ill for 35 yrs!!!. Think I gave up even trying to find an answer after 25 yrs. I wish I'd heard of PN earlier.



I am sorry to hear of your suffering, I've had PNE for 4 and half years. It took me over 3 years to get someone to help me and I've now had a couple of ct guided nerve blocks at UCL and due to have physio. Having a doctor that understands you, as I have there at least gives me the feeling I'm not alone and someone is at least trying to help me. I hope your appointment goes well on the 25th July. You are not alone, this site is wonderful, you'll always find someone to help you through flare ups, give you advice on things out there and be supportive.

Good luck


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