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Inner trickle sensation in bladder prolapse

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Have been experiencing more problems since internal exam2wks abdomen feels bruised and now lying in bed have had a slight burning trickle sensation in abdomen...have to getup and go going to GP practice later and request to see a nurse as I feel it could be a UTI? Also experiencing slight numbness in left foot..any thoughts please.

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hello bea1 , i had a uti infection with this bladder prolapse . just finished a course of anitibotics for 7 days. finish then last night dr said this moring uti as gone so hopefully it dont come back i had a inner trickle like a little thicker than water and a a tiny bit sticky . i dont know if the uti bought it on but my ginocoligist said the tricke is clear and nothing to worry about and just take yes vm cream which i am and my abdemon feels bloated and having a job with keeping my bowels open and cant eat much as it makes me feel more bloated and feel sick

i would mention it to your dr and ginocoligist about the inner trickle and ask for a urine sample test

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Hi, sorry didn't explain properly bout trickle ..this is not at the bladder entry its a mild burning sensation in my abdomen which feels like an inward trickle down which comes and goes when lying on my back...i've had this sensation before and know I get it withUTI's which i haven't had in a couple of years but with the heavy feeling at bladder entry almost reminds of my painful period years and had a'bloody fibroid' then had total hysterectomy 20+ yrs ago had HRT for 10 yrs but came off it. ..nothing there to support anything so am very depressed about when i'm going to get fixed.. and can't wait to get my antibiotics..😔

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helo again i too am having abdomen ache and burning feeling im trying to grt y doctor to do some test on there as i cant eat much so uncomfy it feels like im boalted its just above my naval .i feel sick with it off and on and i think its effecting my blood preasure and a beating in cheast had monitor for a week which came back something is tricggering my beatings to come on . i have a hiatus hearnia so i would of thort my doctor would have sent me for test on that s iv been like this since its getting wrose . they ut it down to angixity . but i know it isent. could be acid reflux .

id let your dotor and ginocoligist about the trickerling burning feeling .

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Hi, now have UTI...managed to get antibiotics 7 day back also is killing me and just want to sleep all the time......Happy Friday😔

hi bea1, i feel for you i too am having a buised feeling in abdmen . i bought dryed prunes and all bran, and dark grape and probotics .i put all bran in a bowl and cut up 2 dryed prunes dark grap swashed an cut put them in and a probotic in stead of milk and a little hot water just so its warm t. i eat that frist thing in the morning incase its my bowels as if you have a blocage in your bowels it can cause bruise and pain feeling but i would ask your dr what they think if it dosent go . iv told my doctor and she said if its no better by next wensday ring . . i hope you you feel better soon xx

oh just seen your last message . uit glad you have got antibiotics. hope you feel better soon have a nice weeked x

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You too 🌻

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