Burning sensation left groin and often pee

Hello everyone, I have burning sensation after I pee. The burning and tingling , aching , it's on my left side ( groin) N it comes n go . I'm just wondering if I have UTI ? I have done the urine test. My father has diabete and mostly my relatives from my mother side have diabetes. So I don't know if it's possible for me. Please help me and give me some advices. I'm feeling Soo depress and worry that I couldn't pee. N my muscles were tighten up when I feel stress n pee. I've realized when I ate banana, feel often wanna pee. I don't know. Or maybe something wrong with my left ovary. Please help me. Thanks! Give me some advice. Is there any medication that I can take??? PleSe! Thx!

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  • The best advice is to go to your doctor! 😊

  • Hi you need to see your doctor. It sounds like you have bad water infection and that would bring your glands up in your groin. I'm no doctor so please see yours asap. There are several things that you could have and all require medical treatment. Best wishes xx

  • What's water infection.? When I drank water, I feel some pressure on left side or something ?? I'm afraid DR would ask me to do pelvis exam. I don't like it.

  • Hi I forgot to say when you go to see your GP tell him about about your family history of diabeties and he will test you to put your mind at rest. xx

  • A urine infection (water infection) is caused by bacteria in your pee. It needs to be treated with antibiotics. If you leave it you could get infection in your kidneys which can be serious and make you unwell. The doctor will test your pee with a litmus stick so take a sample in some thing clean or you can get a sample pot from your surgery. They don't usaly do a pelvic examination. If you are worried do you have someone that could go to doctors with you for support. Best wishes xx

  • Right after I pee , it just burn from my left groin side. I tried to take Advil but it doesn't help. I was thinking I have cramp but it isn't. It burns , tingling n aching. I realized it get better when I drank cranberry juice. But this time it seems like it get worse. I don't have anyone to go with me to see doctors. I'm scare to go alone. The only thing I'm scare is if he asked me to do pelvic exam. I'm virgin I don't want to do pelvic exam like lol. I hope it isn't serious. I thinking to do urinr test at home and if it's positive , I have to see dr. The problems is sometimes I drank lots of water before sleep , n I would sleep woke up with full bladder , than can't Pee, just little small amount, I go to washroom more than 3 times , I has this problem for holding my pee too long. N when I pee I feel like the muscles of tighten than can't much urinate. I'm Soo scared, I just pray to god that it isn't serious .

  • Do you live in U.K. ?

  • No , I live in Canada.

  • Does having water infection , cause burning both side or only left side gorin? Like tingling , little aching and mostly burning sensation. My BF think I have kidney stone. I'm Soo disappointed now.

  • I have had a kidney stone recently and it was very painful !!! I was in pain for 8 days. I'm having procedure done tomorrow to see what's in my bladder. xx

  • Ok. There is no reason why GP would do a pelvic examination that you discribe so you should be ok. The longer you leave an infection the worse it gets and it can stop you peeing so please see a doctor. You could ask to see a female doctor. If you start to get shivery and hot you should go to hospital because the infection could have got into you kidneys. It sounds as if you have had it for some time ? Urine infections are painful and you get all the things you have mentioned. Please see you GP ASAP xx

  • yes, n although I don't drink water, I feel the urge to Pee all time , do u know why pee bubble?? I have little foamy urine n when I do realized it , it get worse burning , aching n tingling. Now I still fell little burn after pee. But I have to see dr . I've give In to depression with this thing. I hope everything's go well tommrrow for u,.

  • Please see the doctor tomorrow. Don't worry about all the things you are getting it's normal with bladder problems. Doctor will give you antibiotics. Does you pee smell ?

  • U meant after I pee, does it smell?? It doesn't smell, but example if I don't change underwear and wipe my prove part after I urinate ,it smell.

  • Ok. You must keep drinking cos it flushes the bugs out of your bladder and you could get dehydrated which will not help. I know it's painful but it will help. If you find you cannot pee at all you must get medical help ASAP. Do you live with anyone that could get you help if you need it ? xx

  • Yes, last few days, I had difficulty with peeing. Now it get better now, I don't have much difficulty but the problem is that it's still little burning my left hip and gorin n area after I pee. It's making me crazy . I must see dr if I have day off. Today clinic closed. Sometimes I think I have ovarian cyst or endometriosis, the symptom also saying often pee. And I'm all confuse, because I don't see or feel any lump or bloated. It's just that it burn left side gorin area.

  • By the way, where does bladder locate it?? I've heard it's on left side.

  • The bladder is in the middle of your pelvic area. I'm pleased your feeling better. Your doctor will sort things out for you. xx

  • Thanks Soo much dear!!! I do feel better. I pray that it will never come back again. But I'll try my best to see dr this Week . I hope ur doing well n get well soon!!

  • I hope you get well soon. I had the same symptoms for 8 days and it was very painful. They think I got kidney stones that has caused pain and infection. My pain has gone and I had pain on my left side as well as in middle. My stones are still in my bladder so will have treatment. Best wishes. xx

  • Please keep me updated with it. Thanks!! I wish to hear good news from u tomrrow!!

  • Wil let you know !!

  • hello e2dye, i went to see dr, and yes it was bladder infection. so he prescribed me Microbid , and it really helps, now no more pain or burn but just need to finish up this medications to kill all those infections. how are you??? how was seeing Dr with ultrasound? hope to hear from u soon.

  • Hi I'm pleased you got sorted out. I had bladder camera and I didn't have stones etc. The lining of my bladder is very thin because of my age ( 64) so it had been bleeding. I have to takes meds for 2 months to thicken it up and then I will have operation to repair prolapse. Take care xx

  • Aww im very sad to hear that happen to u! But I'll keep u in my prayer, u will be fine !!! Don't worry just always be happy!!😀

  • Thank you 😊 You be happy too 🤗

  • Hello e2dye, how r u doing??? I feel better but now again it burn, just when I was about to recover n I ate spicy foods red chilli , it burn again, am I allow to eat spicy foods?? Everytime when I realized I ate spicy food or chili after I pee, burn . I ran out of my medicine which DR Prescribe for me. He prescribed me only for 5 days . Now I don't know what to do, I tried to drink lots of cranberry juice to flush get ride of those crazy bugs. What foods that i should avoided ? I just regret it, I ate lots of spices yesterday and today. Please help me .😢😢

  • Hi. Sorry to hear your unwell again. You must go back to doctor to get some more antibiotics and maybe gets some bloods done. You need to stay away from the spicy foods for a while until your bladder heals properly. Try not to eat anything that's to acidic. You need to see doctor as soon as you can. I to get pain when I eat the wrong food. !!!

  • i just hate to go back n see dr again.

  • With the information that you have given you say you have already had your urine tested. Did you have a vaginal swab and cervical screen done. If not I would get these routine screening tests done first. You can get routine blood tests done which will show if you have an infection as your white cells will be raised. The blood test also can check your blood sugar to see if it is within normal limits. I think it is best to make an appointment with your GP to discuss your concerns and ask for these tests. If all come back normal you could ask your GP to request an ultrasound for the pain in the groin and pelvic floor. All the best I hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks Soo much! I have UTI. I felt much better with taking macrobid and just when it's heal, I ate lots of spicy foods n now it burn again after I pee. Burn my left side . I regret everything now.

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