Pelvis pain and pressure

Hi can someone help me. Last week I went to the docs with what I thought was a water infection was give antibiotics which did nothing so now I'm being treated for pid I'm in so much pain and pressure down below I've got a scan on Friday and I'm just scare it's ovarian cancer. I'm on 2 different antibiotics for 14 days at the moment and I've had 3 doses do you know how long it would take for these to work if it is pid? So scared at the mo

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  • PID causes ovarian pain and water infection symptoms wait out the antibiotics and see how it goes. 14 days is a long time so it's probably bad, remember to get swabs after to check if it's gone.

    It took a week for my PID to clear up

  • Morning, i have had pid many times and have been hospitalised with the condition on numerous occasions. The pain and pressure can be absolutely excruciating. On occasions the pain was so bad that I felt like my uterus was literally falling out and the pressure that it causes from the inflammation is why you then get bladder and bowel irritation too. They will always give you a cross section of antibiotics (usually 14 days) as the infection itself can be different bacteria strains and they need to make sure that they kill off everything. They usually scan you to confirm the diagnosis as when you have pid you tend to have a lot of free fluid in your uterus and there will be signs of inflammation. It takes a good few days on antibiotics before you start to feels better so you need to get lots of rest until then inflammation settles down. Hope you are starting to feel better x

  • Thank you for your help. I was only saying yesterday it feel like my insides want to fall out so that really helps that some else has felt the same thank you

  • Glad I could at least put your mind at rest a little. Hope you are feeling better x

  • To start with stop stressing out as it makes it worse . think about what started it of . Mine was stress I am in my 15th year of it I am male now 72.the go doctors know nothing about this problem Have a look at the web and type in pelvic headache. I can tell you that Its not easy to know which way to go . Do you have a fall on your bum .if you don't then don't get in to the PNE trap and think about surgery I have been there . Get at least two options before that.

    I wish you well . Sadly other people don't understand what you are going through . Regards Derek

  • It could be a large ovarian cyst, these can make you feel very 'full' down below, pain in abdomen groin and also nauseous

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