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Getting pregnant after pid

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I’ve just been diagnosed with pid I’ve finished my antibiotics but They reckon I have had it for about 10 years undiagnosed has anybody had any luck getting pregnant after having pid for that amount of time.

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What are your symptoms?

Any constant lower abdominal pain?

Yes and back pain and shooting vaginal pain

Have you had lap surgery before?



Are you on FB support group for PID?

No and no x

My own vaginal bacteria! They thought it was from chlamydia or gennoreah but they came back negative. X

I work full time I just take ibuprofen and paracetamol and use a hot water bottle, I’ve requested to join the pid support group

Have you been diagnosed with pid.

No I haven’t officially diagnosed with PID but my symptoms makes me believe i had PID..

Scan shown nothing and Dr doubt my pain...

I’m constanty in pain 24/7 sometimes bad and sometimes mild, but i will be much agony during my ovulation and period..

My period light after the d&c

You had symptoms for over 10yrs?

The same symptoms?

I’m sure it would come up on a scan if you had pid that’s how I found out I had it, because I had a burst cyst on my ovary so had a scan internal but I never had any symptoms really excel for when I had my period of excruciating pain.

Scan found nothing, been so many gyne to do the ultrasound.. the only way to diagnosed is via laparoscopy but I’m not ready for it.. I’m scared.

Pain killer won’t touch my pain, sometimes so hard to deal with the pain...

Siting for longer time or lay down really hurt.

About pregnancy, don’t worry i read so many successful pregnancy after PID..


Omg I feel so sorry for you hope they sort it out for you soon it isn’t fair for them to leave you in the pain that you are in.

Dear, you had it for 10years or your just being diagnosed with it?

Sorry I’m confused..


Just been diagnosed but gynaecologist said I could of had it for up to 10 years with the amount of damage and inflammation down there.

Oh wow..

You don’t have any pain before?

Sorry I can’t answer your question but curious on the pain you had, I think I have PID but doctors won’t beleive me or the pain I’m in. Do you have shooting pains in the vagina? Also I noticed really bad leg and knee pain I was curious if you had experienced this yourself?

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I’m with you!! dr didn’t believe me too and I didn’t get proper diagnosis!!

Are you on Facebook support group for PID?

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introuble in reply to Summer95

No, I don’t have shooting pain in the vagina

My symptoms:

Night sweats

Cramps , pain, stabbing pain 24/7


Blurry vision

Period can pe double the pain

Leg, thigh and feet hurt

Less appetite, eat only once a day

Tummy feel bloated


Maybe asking the doctor would be best. I would love to know too. I wonder about this as well. What kind of damage and to what extent did he say it occurred?

Did your period get lighter after treatment?

I had the same thing happen to me, a cyst ruptured on my ovary. Found out I was asymptomatic for a few years:(

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