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Pelvic pain after intercourse....only sometimes


I have a question about PID: I have not been diagnosed w PID, but when it's says pelvic pain during intercourse is this something one experiences EVERY Time after intercourse? Or can you have PID and pelvic hurts only sometimes during intercourse? (I'm so sorry if my question makes no sense, it so hard to explain my question)

I'm asking because I've notice pain in my pelvis during intercourse but not all the time... depends on the position.

Thank you so much

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You could be in pain during different times for so many different reasons:

-How deep

-The position

-If you were ready

-If your cervix was hit

-If you had a stressful day so your muscles are more tensed up

Since you said diffentt positions I'm assuming the 1's you're talking about aim for deeper penetration which can cause more pain. Try positions that aim for less penetration or purchase a ring.


Hello Hannah117!

Please read the response I posted on Joolibee's comment!

Ok so last night during intercourse I noticed no pain or discomfort UNTIL a different position. Now that I read your message it makes me think it could be ALL of what you have mentioned, and/or what I have been experiencing in the last month... pelvic pain- Poss ruptured ovarian cyst. This wk I will find out more.

I appreciate you responding to my concern, thank you!!!!


Your welcome:)

PID doesn't cause cysts though, and it causes pain all over with penetration, when I had PID from BV the nurse couldn't even get a finger in without me screaming. And even then it didn't hurt after she took it out, it was only when her finger was in to 1 knuckle.

I have pain with deep penetration and my pelvic floor physiotherapist said its because of pelvic floor dysfunction but I have that because of endometriosis.

Do you have painful periods?

Bowel issues during periods?

Pain with urination or pain during bowel movements during your period or ovulation?


No painful periods, no bowel issues during period.

When I had the pelvic pain 1 month ago I did have pain when I urine (pelvic area, not the pain when u have a utility or kidney infection) and it was painful when I had Bowel movement. No pain w ovulation.

Penetration... with what you are describing, my pain is more w deep penetration.

I remember once a couple years ago I had BV, I took antibiotics and that was it.

Thank you hannah!


Is there a possibility of intersestianl cystitis (I hope I spelt that right)

I'm doing Physiotherapy now b/c deep penetration hurts and I've overcome that today while doing the massage therapy!!!!

I only had penetration pain when I had BV.

Here's the exercise:

To get used to pressure make a circle with one finger and go around it with another finger your nail facing in, once you've found a good pressure put a finger in down there (use lube) and do a kegel while breathing out. The muscle that you feel tense is where your going to do that massage.

Also what I do is I do kegels while slowly reaching farther and getting my body to relax more.


Idk how to spell it hehe, I looked it up: interstitial never know maybe this is it. I will for sure bring it up to my dr.

Confession, I've never ever done kegals! I need to learn this... I will try this out. Thank you so muuuuuuch!!!!

I know I tend to not be relax, idk why! Hopefully things get figured out for me. I have a clotting disorder antiphospholipid antibody disorder. We are trying to get pregnant. I've had 2 miscarriages....1st due to a blood clot at 5 months, 2nd at 9wks- miscarriage reason unknown. I'm getting older and these new things come up.


I would definitely consider talking to your doctor about endometriosis and polycystic ovaries since they both lead to miscarriages and pain during deep penetration.

Endometriosis doesn't always mean painful periods too, some people don't have symptoms or issues till they try to get pregnant.

If your partner is male get his sperm count tested and get a blood test for yourself to find out how easily your ovulating and your hormone levels.

Make sure to massage after kegels, otherwise you might be more tensed.


I'm writing all this down Hannah! I will talk to my dr on wednesday! Thank you!


Your welcome:)

I hope you get some answers, tell me how it goes.

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What tests have you had done so far? Has a doctor suggested that it might be PID? There are other conditions that include pain during intercourse. My own condition began with occasional pain during intercourse, but then progressed. Do make sure that you stop intercourse as soon as it starts to hurt, and push the doctors as far as is needed. If you have no joy there, you might want to consider finding a pelvic pain physiotherapist for assessment.

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Hello Joolibee!

1 month ago I experienced pelvic pain which lasted 2 wks. Of course day 1 was the worse, then subsided but it lasted 2 wks- and yes it was painful during intercourse. Couple years ago this same thing happened, US was done and I was told an ovarian cyst had rupture and that explained the pain.

My dr has never suggested I have PID, I think I'm trying to figure my pain out right now... which I know not to self diagnose, but I start looking online and many things come up. But since It's been 2 wks now since the abd pain happened, and I noticed pain/ mild discomfort w interourse made question if there's something else. I had another US done this Friday and will follow up w my Dr this week.

Thank you so much for responding, truly appreciate your time!!!!


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