Bad Ulcerative Colitis flare and bladder irritation/urgency! Someone help!

I am currently going through a BAD UC flare. Taking 40mg of Prednisone and my daily Lialda pills. My bladder feels like it's under tremendous pressure, which makes me take several trips to the bathroom for a disappointing amount of urine to come out. Has anyone ever had this issue with a UC flare? I went to a CVS minute clinic and did a urine sample there. I had a trace of leukocytes in my urine, so they prescribed Macrobid. I feel like absolute crap. Can someone lead me in the right direction on this?

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  • I just started to have this, I thought it was cystitis but dr said no

  • My Urogynecologist seems to think my UC flare triggered an IC flare. I just recived Botox injections in my pelvic floor a week ago for spasmatic muscles. So far, I haven't noticed any improvement. So discouraging!!

  • Hi!!! Botox didn't work? Damn!! That's what I'm hoping for with my Levator ani. I'm sorry to hear that. Please let me know how u r doing!!!! I hope things get better cuz it all sucks!!!!

  • Hi! I'm two weeks past Botox injections in the pelvic floor muscles. The Dr. said it could take several weeks to feel the full effect of the injections. Today sucked, still having stabbing perenial pain mostly on the left side. Trying to sit through church was really hard!!! It's sad when you have to pop a Percocet just to feel somewhat normal. I absolutely loathe taking them!!! I'm wondering if the nerve itself is damaged or has a neuroma. All I know is that the medical bills are pouring in, and I'm nowhere closer to a solution to this problem than I was a year and a half ago. It's really getting old, and I've become bitter.

  • Hi wonderer!!! I hear u about it getting old!!!! Day in and day out!!! Have u had Botox before? I'm hoping I am able to have it. Nothing else has worked. I hate taking my pain pills especially since I got down to two a day for my disk disease. Now back up to 4-5 just because of the butt pain!!! It does suck and is so discouraging!!! Why can't we be normal!!!! I know there r other people who have more medical challenges than we do but it still sucks. I ask God every day to help but that hasn't happened yet!!! Trying to keep the faith!!! Mornings r my worst time!!! Stomach pain and ibs problems and then the butt pain. Usually can't leave the house until 11 or 12. Would love to be able to go for a walk or whatever but can't!!! It really makes u appreciate life when u r healthy!!!! Don't know if that will ever happen!!! Please keep me informed on how the injections work. I really hope u start feeling better soon!!! My thoughts and prayers r with u!!!!

  • Yes where are you located? He should do a phone consultation with a man named dr Edward Ellis in Peterborough New Hampshire is amazing and he can get to the bottom of your problems

  • What type of doc is Edward Ellis? I'm in Sacramento. I need something or I'm going to pull my hair out. What type of problems do u have? I'm here to talk whenever u can. Thanks for the reply.

  • He is a naturopath. I absolutely admire and would recommend him so highly. He has done alot for my issues and others..I come out that way often son lives in sebastapol

  • Hi

    I've had 4 diff rounds of Botox over the past 4 years and it has helped my pelvic pain. I feel all your pain, it does get old! Taking hot baths, heating pads and mindfulness, meditation and deep breathing all help a bit. I haven't had any luck w ulcers on the bladder, they burn them and they return w the pain...this disease is diff than any normal person can ever imagine.

    Good Luck to you all and God bless. X

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