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I think i have endometriosis

So I think i have Endometriosis, since my middle child i have had bad abdominal cramps that felt like contractions at time way worse than others, that was four years ago. I have spoke to doctors oh it sounds like IBS stay away from fatty foods, I still get it they run blood and all they can say is my Iron is really low, I take two iron pills a day now with multi and just now got my iron under control, so what happens an attack hits me again and bad!!! So go to my OB she does blood and pap and sends me to ultrasound, a week later still can eat can't sleep pain is killing me!! so i go to my internal doctor and they send my urine to lab and give me something for nausea. I get urine test back, she said it is fine but am I on birth control, i reply no, not asking why!!! hang up. so get pap back it's within normal limits, get blood back its ok, called today saying my uterus is extremely thickened to get on birth control and in one month see if I am better!! so typed all my symptoms in and Endometriosis is the only one that fits....what to do pain is everyday!!

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Hi there

So sorry to hear you're going through this, i know from experience that the pain is unbearable. You really need to get referred to a gynaecologist through your gp, or privately if that's an option.

Many gps say it's ibs and that could well be an element to the pain as the organs involved are all in the same area, but it's hard to tell without more investigations

Do the contractions come on at a particular time during your cycle? and can you make any connections to the pain and foods or drinks you're eating?

i think keeping a diary of your symptoms can help both you and the doctor in looking at what is going on

They might think you have a UTi, as that can make you feel terrible too, but that would show on your urine tests

Unfortunately as women we need to push the docs to help us, but please don't give up , you shouldn't be suffering like this

Let me know how you're doing,feel free to PM me if you like




no uti they checked for that my blood is good except iron it's always bad!! they put me on birth control and i have just took over my health, if my uterus is thickened and i fit all the symptoms of endomertriosis i will and there treating it as it, just don't want to call it that then i will take over, this is my health, still in pain but only been on the endo diet for two weeks and bc also so we'll see!!! thanks and god bless


Hi downhill, so sorry you are going through all this don, t give up find anotherdoctor or specialist it took 4 years for mysrlf to get diagnosed had to move to another area and in five minutes of being seen was diagnosed, so don, t loose heart write every symptom in a diary from foods to pain and bowel movements. Good luck


and it was endo? they said everything looks great, I do have a cyst that has blood or protin in it that keeps coming back but I feel that pain, it is different, they have totally cleared me in the OB area since then, I have had my gallbladder out wasn't it, sent me to gastro doctor who's went up and down all they see is IBS, inflammation and a little reflux, went back to internal doctor who I love and she found vitamin d was low, so take 50,000 units a week, and that could be the pain along with IBS. So while in visit had one of my dizzy spells they checked my BP and pulse and my heart rate was 125, sent me home with halter and it came back bad so will be seeing a heart doctor soon so I pray after 2 yrs may finally be getting somewhere thanks.


Just wondering how you got on with this and how you are ?


I was in the same boat and it turned out to be endometriosis. Did you have a c section? When I had a c section endometriosis got trapped in the scar and bled every month like a period but had no where to leave and formed a very painful lump. Are the Dr's giving you pain meds? I hope so. Don't give up until you have an answer. Hang in there.


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