White flake stuff in my urine floating , what's that😳??? This pissed me off!?? Please help

Hello there , I need your guys help & advices, some of you might have gone through this thing. I went to see Dr last month and was diagnosed with UTI. He prescribed me "macrobid " to kill all Infectious , I did took it , it really helps. I went through see dr again ok December 27 ,2016, I've told him all of my symptoms like burning after pee and feeling pain or tingling , when eat spicy foods it burns so bad, he did urine test n told me everything is normal n it seems like infection is gone. But if I get infections gone, why do I seee this white debris , flakes stuff floating in urine? I get little cramp too , I'm taking ciprofloxcisn which he prescribed me, but it seems like it doesnt help at all and "Macrobid" is much better for me. is this serious??? I'm soo scared, I have to get my blood test done on Monday. Will he be able to tell if there's something wrong with me in blood test ? Please give some helps .

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  • Urine can have all sorts floating in it, it doesn't mean there is an infection. I would advise that you finish the course of antibiotics and if the symptoms still persist ask your gp to send a sample to the lab for microscopy and culture. In the meantime, drink plenty of water and avoid the things that irritate the bladder (spicy foods etc). Give your bladder some time to recover. A full blood count will give an indication of infection if you have one. Take care.

  • Aww..thaks soo much My Dear!! yeh...MY GP will send sample to the lab for urine culture test. plus he asked me to get blood done and finish the course of Antibiotic. if there no infection in urine stripe test , would that be show in culture test??

  • A culture will be a lot more sensitive than the strip test. They will identify the bacteria (if there are any) and test antibiotics against it to make sure you get the correct treatment.

  • What about blood test?

  • Blood test will just show raised white blood cells if you are fighting off an infection. It won't identify what infection you have. GP might be looking at kidney function too. Depends what he's asked for.

  • Kidney function can be tell in blood test right?

  • Yes it can. Depends what tests he's ordered.

  • Oh ok. Thanks soo much. I just want all of this to be done and gone right away.

  • Talk to him or her about interstitial cystitis, IC for short. Google it. I have had it for over 15 years.

  • What's that ??? Omg I'm scared.. I feel like there something bother me from my left hip . Does ur healed completely??

  • If you have ic there no cure.

  • Why???

  • I don't know but look online google ic lots of information i think it's because they didn't study on it enough

  • I had these exact symptoms, turned out it was just simple thrush from taking antibiotics for 6/7 months. Nothing serious!

  • awww..thanks sooo much dear!!!

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