Best pelvic floor clinic in UK?


I wonder if anyone of you have a suggestion of a good pelvic floor specialist/surgeon in UK? I have problem with obstructed defecation and have had two surgeries already.  I now considering a stoma operation but what to investigate any other options first.  I would be very thankful for positive (or negative) ecperience of colorectal surgerons anywhere in UK!  Is someone  have a experience of London Colorectal Grop for exampel?

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  • Hi Junet

    What's the cause of your obstructive defecation? I have this too and have recently had an op in Bristol. I'm only three weeks in, but not having good results as of yet. I've been told to be patient. I had LVMR.  What have you had done already and where? I know there is a team at Oxford. I've not heard good things with St Marks in London.

  • Hi, horrible results in Bristol. Check my posts and replies to see what I went through. I believe in Oxford they do the same.

  • Thanks for your answers! I have done one suture rectopexy and one LVMR, the last one in Bristol. Would prefer to have a second opinion somewhere else. I thought St Marks was a bowel specialist hospital, i was thinking of maybe going there, what have you heard about them ethome? Hope you will get better with time! 

    So sorry about your story failedsurgery.

  • If you had LVMR in Bristol then most likely you have rectal kinking from the mesh. The LVMR caused the same for me - could go only a few pellets at a time. Don't do stoma since the kink could be released.

  • They used biological mesh and glued the posterior part of rectum to one lady. It failed within 5 weeks and she now has nerve damage. She says she was a guinea pig. They may have reviewed this technique but worth noting. 

  • Can I ask what Bristol has responded with in regards to your failed surgery Junet. Thanks

  •  My first surgery was unsuccessful and the on I Bristol was suppose to fix that one, so the first one was really the problem. 

  • I had clorecta surgery at UCH not successful

  • What is ICH?

  • I read on another post that you were told it was all in your head about your pain. I have been told the same. I know my body I have lived with it long enough to know things are not right. 

  • I feel a victim of a scam. My Bristol surgeon told me that other surgeons don't believe him because nobody can replicate his published results, but this is only because nobody is doing it right and only a grand surgeon like him can achieve such outstanding results. And now that I  incontinent, in pain and mutilated for life the dismal results are attributed to be in my head.

  • I really feel for you. I am going to pm you.

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