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Pelvic floor dysfunction

I have been suffering with pelvic floor dysfunction and ibs for about 5 years now, I was kind of ignoring it at the beginning and made it worse, now I am seeing physiotherapist and dietitian to fix this. My PT has been teaching me how to relax the pelvic muscle with bulging the tummy technique and using Thera Wand ( which helps a lot when in pain), but i feel like no progress on relaxing the muscle with exercise. I wonder if anyone out there that actually make some progress with this and go back to normal? Or we just kind of tolerate it? Anyone think yoga or any other exercise could help? Thanks!

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I can highly recommend Pilate's but you must have one to one instructions from a teacher experienced in pelvic floor problems.


Yes I agree, maybe some yoga specialised in relaxing the pelvic muscle.


I have made some progress in reducing the pain, with the aid of Physiotherapy, exercise and relaxation techniques, but it has been very slow going; 6 months before any pain reduction at all. I've now been going for over a year and I do feel that there are signs of more improvement, but there are still bad days. I don't know whether complete recovery is possible for me, but even with pain reduction and better management techniques, I think it's worth persevering. I have felt disheartened at times and wondered whether to give up, but I no longer see giving up as an option. I would encourage you to keep trying. Maybe look for a different PT if necessary. Good luck.


That's good for you if theres some improvement, I hope it really works for you. Have you thought of doing botox injection? May I know what type of exercises you are doing? Thank you!


Hi Shirlene, I haven't really considered Botox injection. It was mentioned a long time ago, but then never came up again. Have you had Botox injection? I did have 2 pudendal nerve blocks, but I don't think they worked very well. I am prescribed gabapentin 600 x 3, though I've no idea whether it works any more. At the moment I'm trying to deal with the pain conservatively, via Physiotherapy etc. The exercises I do include gentle stretching, such as that recommended in Amy Stein's book, with some additional work to try to get my glutes working together as they should, as I have a particular problem there. A lot of my exercises are actually very gentle yoga, and I try to do slow abdominal breathing while I exercise. I also walk as much as possible, as this helps with the pain. My physio recommends at least 20 minutes per day of relaxation exercises or meditation. I tend to break this up into 5 or 10 minute blocks, and I play either meditation music or gentle classical music while I relax. I also use the therawand when required and I do find it helps. It is very slow going to try to undo several years of chronic pain, especially as, during that time I've developed disc problems in my spine, but giving up isn't an option. You mention pelvic relaxation via bulging tummy technique. How does your PT recommend you do this....just curious.

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Hi Joolibee, the tummy buldging exercise is pretty much, you sit down, knee apart, then you start doing the diaphragm breathinng, inhaling and keep it there for 30 seconds but don't forget to keep breathing. But that did not help me. I recently found one technique online which has helped me soo muchh and i've improved 80 percent, it's pretty much a happy baby pose and you hold it for 2 mins or so.

And ive been having chia seed everyday and seems like now i am having no problem eating wheat or anything, pretty much seems like the IBS is gone. Give it a try.


I'm assuming your female so correct em if I'm wrong, Pelvic Floor dysfunction needs a cause and IBS would not cause it. On top of that IBS is the bandaid drs put on you when their too lazy to refer you to a speacilsit or do anything else.

I have endometriosis and I was told I had IBS by 4 different doctors by the time I was 14 but my pain and bowel issues were only during my periods.

Hopefully you find a cause.

Try to avoid abb workouts that bring your knees to your hips.


Hi Hannah 117, yes I am a female, My doctor mentioned that i might have endometriosis too but i havent git it check yet. Did you go to gynocologist to get it check? I have recently made some big improvement by doing this exercise

and eating chia seed everyday.

I might have find the causw, i think like there is some area in my vagina muscle that is wounded or always too tense but not sure why, but because it's very close to rectum then it somehow always affect it. Sorry for too detail information. Then i think the IBS caused by pelvic floor dysfunction the muscle that is constantly tense.

But now it has improved so much. Yes, i find sit up or any core exercise is a bit tricky to do.


IBS is a very valid diagnosis and one of the many causes of pelvic pain. There are no diagnostic tests for it., if you have no 'red flag' symptoms then no referral is necessary. There is a vast array of nerves connected with the digestive system, IBS is a complex problem. I have had it for 25 years, as well as endometriosis. I also had bowels problems during my periods that undoubtedly was due in part to the endometriosis.


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