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Hi everyone, I have an internet friend who shares the same puedendal nerve and coccyx pain as I do. We have become each other's solace over the last few months. Laughing and crying with each other( Watsap only) anyway she has been receiving treatment in London but has not progressed at all and I told her about the many testimonials Iv seen on here regarding Maria Elliot and Helen Keeble. Is there any preference out of the two of these ladies, is any one better than the other? Any recommendation or knowledge greatly appreciated.


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  • Hi Sandra

    It might be worth your friend emailing each physio directly with a full history of the pelvic pain so they themselves can make a decision if they are qualified enough to deal with all of these. It's likely they will both have a slightly different approach to treatment but will help in the long run. I'd also look at each of their profiles as they should each give a history of their training and any particular areas of interest they have. Your friend may also get a feel for whose best to treat her also, but if she sees one of them for a few sessions and doesn't feel she's connecting with her she can easily start treatment with someone else. I did this myself, the women's physio was lovely but I just didn't connect so switched as I went private to. I'm now about to restart as she's just come back off maternity leave. Good luck both you and your friend

  • Hi, thank you very much for your kind reply. I go to Sayers in London it is very slow progress but I'm not really sure that this is how it's supposed to be. She also goes. There but is maybe looking for someone new

  • I know them both personally. They are both exceptional physiotherapists! I went to Maria Elliott when I lived in England. She is An expert at treating pelvic pain patients and an excellent listener. Helen is just as good. You can't go wrong with either one.

  • The best place to buy the cushion is John Bell and Croydon a large pharmacy in London behind Oxford St. As it has many types to try. I went for the memory foam one which was more expensive at about £45 but gave a much greater level of comfort. It comes in a horrible pale stretchy fabric but I asked my talented friend to crochet a soft colourful cover so now it looks quite groovey. Xx

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