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prolapse pelvic floor


Hello can you advise I have a prolapse who s stage 3.My GP saw me last week and she said I have to do just kegel.I have delivery before 2 months of big beatiful boy.I dont no have to do?Thank you

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Hey, ii had this: ii tried doing kegels, didn’t help me in the end ii had surgery which worked and it’s all fixed now.

Did he tell u what part had Prolapsed ?

With kegels, u have to tightened (squeeze) the muscles inside your Vagina for ten seconds and release for 5 second .. and repeat 10 times: do this 3 times a day. Xx

hy I am so happy to answer me .The dont tell me but just my Gp saw me .

I am worry because I see my prolapse in my vagine and I am verry scare and feel down .

Aw don’t feel scared and down, it can be fixed. Slowly but surely.

Try the Kegals , u can YouTube or google on how to do them properly and follow that. See how it goes. And if ur not satisfied u can ask ur GP To refer u to Gynaecologist for their opinion on what to do next. Xx

What surgery they do

They can do prolaspe surgery, depending on what has prolapsed. They will stitch it back to where it’s all suppose to be in short terms. I had it done last year. Mine was the Bladder

how you feel now

Ii feel loads better now. It’s all better.

Gone completely. No kegals won’t make it get worse will only make it stronger

Can I do kegals if I am on period?Thank you so much

Here is a link, have a read through

Of I do kegel can get worse Iam not sure

my gp said it is my uterine but I am really worry.Tomorrow I will call on my midwife

Please don't worry Kitoravska. I know it is pretty scary when you first realise you have a prolapse but there is lots that can be done to help. Prolapse is very common, far more common than you would think. You can get information about prolapse on the internet. Ask your midwife, can you get a referral to see a specialist? You'll feel much better and less afraid when you have more knowledge.

Thank you.I feel so much better when I speak for this problem .Today I wait my GP call me and will see .I try don't thing about it.I am really scary

I'm sorry but I am not very familiar with prolapse problems. However, at the moment the Corona Virus is priority so I suggest that you try the Kegal exercises, say for 6 months. Alternatively you could try a Specialist Physiotherapist and see if she/he has other recommendations.

I spoke whit my Gp and she dosnt wants see me.She said is verry soon after birh and The prolapse is normaly .I ask for pessary she said dont need it

I've heard of women who have a prolapse after birth and the bulge ' goes back up and doesn't come down again'. Remember that your body has been through a lot with the birth, so maybe this is part of your body's healing process. Maybe do research to fully understand a prolapse, do the pelvic floor exercises, try not to worry, think of positive outcomes, be gentle with your body and wait a few months.

Thank you so much and I will try lose waight.

You could ask if you could be seen by a physio that is trained in Pelvic floor conditions . Your GP can refer you .

Kitoravska in reply to Dog2paws

Yes ,she can do but she said dont need it.I was verry disappointed

You might find this video helpful, Kitoravska. The woman speaking has lots of videos on her channel, Femfusion, helping women with prolapse, especially after giving birth. If the video doesn't show, Google youtube, Femfusion cystocele. Hope it helps, you are not alone, many women have a degree of prolapse after giving birth, which often resolves as time goes on but these videos are very helpful.

I call all day for my Gp and ask again for appointmen.They dont give me appointment.I dont no why.I am so scarry .is it heart if uterus fell out?

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