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PID symptoms - are these normal???

Hi ladies, I am new to this group but unfortunately have a long history of chronic pelvic pain. I have endometriosis, interstitial cystitis and suffer with recurrent PID after a dreadful infection post c-section. I am currently experiencing another flare up of PID after having a lap to remove adhesions in my pouch of Douglas and a bladder distension. I am concerned however with some of the new symptoms I am experiencing this time and wondered if anyone else had these. As well as the normal symptoms I have excruciating pain in my vagina and vaginal wall and huge amounts of pressure in my rectum. The pain is so bad I nearly took myself off to a&he last night. I have seen my GP and put on a course of metronidazole but it isn't relieving the pain as yet. Is this normal or something I need to be concerned about? Any advice would be really appreciated xxx

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Hi - I also have recurrent pid and I do have similar symptoms to what you are describing. On top of my chronic pain I get a dragging/fullness sensation in my pelvis, pain inside my vagina and a pressure pain in my rectum area making it difficult to open my bowels, also I pass urine frequently and my periods become very heavy. Speaking from experience (I have been hospitalised for pid complications so many times!) I would get seen sooner rather than later if it's different and worrying you.


I can relate to the pain in the vagina, vaginal wall, and rectum, as well as severe burning sensation. This has been recent and I am on prednisone currently as well as valium. I am getting relief but I am also supplementing myself with various things. I do feel those are helping along with the prednisone. My chiropractor has been a tremendous help. My pelvic region gets twisted and locked as I sit down at my job all day. I believe my circumstances leading up to this were injuries (falling) on my tailbone several times throughout my life and the last 6 months I starting working out with a personal trainer and riding an exercise bike at the gym. I too have endometriosis and did have a c-section. I really researched this to help myself as my gynocologist didn't really know how to help me past an antibiotic. I even went for an abdominal and pelic CT scan recently which, thankfully, revealed nothing. He was looking for a hernia to explain the symptoms. Look up pudendal nerve.


I am a male and I've had chronic pelvic pain for years but of course for me it is different than yours.

It sounds to me like you may have a problem different than what you are being diagnosed. If the metronidazole isn't working that means you may not have an infection. I think you might have Levator Ani Syndrome. Please look it up and read about it some places so you can see if this sounds correct. To me it sounds like you have that and maybe more but I'm not sure.

I was misdiagnosed for years and was recommended to do physical therapy but that made it worse. If you think you have Levator Ani Syndrome please give send me a message and I will talk to you about the treatment I am getting that is working very well. I am a 26 year old male and was almost handicapped due to chronic pelvic pain and it took five different GI's before one correctly diagnosed me. I was diagnosed in Atlanta by Dr. Monica Hum she is very very smart but is so modest that at first I didn't think she was smart. Yes I have met so many doctors who gave me the wrong information. One GI told me I should not use bar soap on my bottom and that's part of the reason I have pain I was pissed because that is very unscientific I think anybody should be able to use soap to clean themselves.

Whatever it is you need to stop going to a GP for this problem. Try to call a place that does phyiscal therapy for pelvic floor, or a place that helps women after giving birth. My problem (Levator Ani Syndrome) was solved by a Neurologist - the last type of doctor I ever thought I would need to go to. Saved my life.

I hope some of this helps... It will get expensive with or without insurance but if the pain is chronic you have to fix it before they get you hooked on pain killers that can ruin your life I was on them for years but stopped taking them completely.

My pain is 90% fixed but I am ok with 10% for the rest of my life if I have to I am just happy to be able to live a normal life now I don't care if I can't play sports I don't like sports anyways I can do low impact exercises if I want to.

If anybody ever has Levator Pain please send me a message I am here to help and we can also get on the phone. I am just trying to help people who are going through what I went through. For years GI's were telling me that it was hemorrhoids causing the pain and I was getting treated for that but it wasn't the problem.

Maybe I typed too much... Hope you take the time to read it all maybe it can help you some.

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I am located in US and after many Dr visits have been diagnosed with levator ani syndrome and Pudental neuralgia. Tried physical therapy but it did not help.

Also have been on Valium suppositories, Gabapentin, baclofen and now find some relief with Lyrica and Tramadol50. Could you please tell me how Neurologist helped? I have no pelvic issues. My problem is rectal pressure and burning sensations on inner thighs and back of legs. Rocky68

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I am very happy that you responded because I am dedicated to helping people with this problem. Physical therapy made my pain much worse actually.

I went to the Cleveland Clinic in Weston Florida and got botox injections to relieve the pain. It made it 90% better so there is still pain but it is much better than before.

The thing is at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston you have to get a referral from within the hospital from GI to NEUROLOGY. The doctor's name is Dr. Khan and it may take up to three visits to get the treatment. They do not do this treatment anywhere in Georgia where I live. The hospital is very nice and the staff is nice. The injections are painful but if you have been in pain from LAS you can handle it.

I have tried the Valium suppositories and pain killers that only masks the problem you need Botox injections especially if physical therapy doesn't work.

The doctor says that after three Botox treatments the problem will go away. I have just had my third treatment last week. My LAS is very bad my doctor said it was the worst she's seen (felt).

Let me know if you have any questions you can also send me a message and we can talk on the phone some.


Thank you for your response. I have had two bilateral Pudental nerve blocks with no success. Before Botox injections did you have muscle spasms? I have some problems sitting but it is so much worse when lying down.

I guess they diagnosed your problem from physical exam. I have had MRIs and CT scans. Had the sigmoidoscopy and internal physical massage. Dr telling me I has LAS never did physical exam. Rocky68


Hey, Are your symptoms still manageable? Was your LAS solved after the 3 shots?

I am been recently diagnosed with LAS and am very anxious.


Thank you for all of your responses. I am now in hospital on IV antibiotics as it did unfortunately turn out to be another horrendous bout of PID. The symptoms worsened and I developed a high grade fever so was sent to A&E by my GP. Thankfully after a lot of pain relief and the right antibiotics the pain is finally starting to subside. I am also being referred to a specialist for my chronic pain so will certainly ask about levator syndrome as after having rectal vaginal endometriosis it is a pain I regularly struggle with. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and thank you again for taking the time to respond x

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