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Pain for 3 years

Hey everyone :) hope you are all well

I need a little bit of advice or guidance really you see I have had constant lower right quadtrant pain for three years now

It is in the area of my appendix, pelvis area or possibly bladder area

It is a throbbing pain if i iritate it by moving in certain ways such as sitting up from laying down or stretching

If i press on the area it is a sharp pain

If i press on the left side of my tummy it causes the sharp pain in the affected area on the right side

If i take in a deep breath and my tummy expands it causes the pain !

First investigation was a laporoscopy which they removed my appendix just incase it was that but the appendix was fine and the pain continued

I then had a colonoscopy and proctitis was diagnosed but was not the cause of the pain

I then had a transvaginal ultrasound which was clear

I had an mri of my spine which was normal

My dr has said the tests are done nothing is there but i have to live with this pain and i am worried they have missed something and it is cancer :(

This pain tugs and pulls at me and is stabbing when irratated but worse of all it is constant it does not ease at all

I am at the end of my tether and quite worried

Has anyone experienced something similar? Any guidance on what I should do next would be greatly appreciated :)

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I was hoping someone would respond with a solution for you.

I,ve been in same place for 4yrs 4months only mines left side.

its so frustrating when all the tests come back clear.

the docs seem to think if they say everything is ok, you immediately don't have pain anymore.

but it don't work like that.

my urologist said I have chronic pelvic pain.some women get that.

my gastro said I had a p araletic bowel or ibs.

my gynno said my fibroids had died and turned to calcium.

I did a swab and a vaginal infection was found.

mine is called garderenella.

I am now on Metronidazol (flagyl)

I think my infection is a consequence of something else.

but get the test and if you have to do it yourself,go as high up as possible and get some clour on your swab.

you could have this or pelvic inflammatory disease.

reading I,m supposed to have discharge but I don't. just an odour.

all I can say is by illuminating a condition it is easier to narrow the possibilities.

I also worry I have cancer but surely after all this time something would have happened.

if anything my symptoms have got a bit better.

if theres anyone ut there that can help finalheaven and me please respond.


Has anyone suggested peripheral nerve injury? Please Google Dr Lee Dellon and read up on groin pain. I had this, I even had a hysterectomy and left ovary removal which didn't help. My ilioinguinal iliohypogastric and genitofemoral nerves were stuck in tiny muscle tears. These nerves can get injured in many ways and often are overlooked. They do run on both sides of the body. Have spine checked at their levels as well. Good luck.



what do you think caused your nerve injury.?

if thats what i have, could it be due to falling on a jacuzzi jet and getting a blast up the front.

i am serious when i say this.

i,ve been getting pi pi problems and loose poo as well as period pain type symptoms even though i,m the grand age of 68.

i still think its a fibroid or pelvic mass.

over such a long time i,ve had various s ymptoms.

but at the very start 4 years a go i got a fever, fatigue, nausia, light coloured poo and completely clear pi heartburn and stomach cramp.

thats when i first went to my medico.

then bloat kicked in together with brain fog so it was so difficult to stick up for myself in the surgery especially needing an interpreter.

i was very depressed especially with the bloat as none of my clothes fitted.

at this stage my infection has been eliminated but the ovary epicentre of my

pain remains.

what do you think?


I think anything is possible. Mine happened i think from crossfit, from lifting a heavy weight and swinging sideways I remember feeling like my insides ripped, well they did. Nothing showed on imaging. I've heard these nerves get damaged frequently with lap surgeries.

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I am scheduled next month for injection of ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerve blocks to try and minimize pain. Have you had this done and if so, was it helpful?


Yes, it's called a tap block. However I eventually got them resected meaning cut, and implanted until muscle the area is now numb, but that is an absolute resort


Find a really good energy kinethiologist. I just started and she has been doing muscle testing which has revealed partly, a mind/body connection to my pain and I'm working on that.


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