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Has anyone else got severe (so severe I need Oral Morph) right sided abdo/groin pain??

Hi everyone I am new to this.

I have been living with severe pain for over seven years now. It started with abdo pain which the hospital thought was appendix. It wasn't so I was discharged with no follow up. Pain went and came back six months later. This time they found Poly cystic Ovaries but said it wasn't causing my pain. Again it went and then came back intermittently for a couple of years. I then had my little boy and for a year after I had no pain whatsoever. Joy. Then since then after a one of stressful event I have had it getting worse and worse and more frequent. In Aug last year it turned worse again. got admitted to hospital and despite LOTS of drugs nothing helped it. Been admitted about eight times since then had three ops and still no closer to finding the cause. I had my appendix out which was healthy when tested. the pain has been constant since Jan and I can't do anything. I can't work, i gave up college and my active lifestyle has ceased. I had given up all gluten and diary products which has fix some of my symptoms (yellow bowel......!) but the abdo pain is still there and constant. I am at a complete loss and feel so low about it all! I am only 24 and want my life back!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Katykins, I'm so sorry to hear about your pain. I too suffer constant, severe pain which is at its worst down the right groin, like a huge, throbbing, hard chunk of metal pressinging into the inner , rght side of the pelvis, down into the crotch and through the pubic and vulval area. It gets worse at the day wears on, spreading all around my abdomen. It is worse after a bowel movement, and, to me, seems very related to the bowel. Sitting down is very painful, and also lying down. I am better for movement, and distraction, and have been told that distraction is very effective in relieving neuralgic pain, as it 'distracts' the offending nerve. I daren't tell yo how many years I have had it. I noticed you said that it seemed to start after some stressful event or events..... I was told years ago by a gynaecologist that my pain was caused by a number of very stressful events that couldn't be resolved and I couldn't talk about, It has never been resolved, so is a continuing distreess to me. I am outwardly very 'chirpy' and cheerful. I totally dismissed this doctor's opinion at the time, but I have noticed since that physical illness of some kind does seem to occur after a sad or stressful time, something perhaps that cannot be shared with anyone, or a sudden shock. It just seems a 'cop out', and it's no help really. I am on Pregabalin 300mg twice a day. This is a drug specifically for neuralgic pain. I am also trying Tramadone when the pain is very bad. I can understand yo feeling low, as no doctors seems to understand this sort of pain, and you wonder whether they even believe you! Hav eyou looked up Pudendal nerve entrapment/Pudendal neuralgia on the internet? I don't know whether that is anything like your pain; it doesn't give much in the way of answers, and


HI so sorry for your pain i too have severe pubic pain which i have had since 06 , which have seen several doctors who dont have a clue !! long story short i have got things slightly moving , i went to see a chiropractor , who i just looked up localy and went private , she had diagonosed i have pubic dissfunction ! , if you look itup on the computer it all makes sence ! she is so loveley and un derstanding and when she examaned me i gave out a whoop and i could have cried, having said that i have seen her 4 times and it is slightly better, still in a lot of pain , she wrote to my doctor and recommend i go for a scan on my pelvis which i am going this week so watch this space !!! does any body have trouble walking ? i do i have to use crutches !! although i was dagonosed with ms in 07 with ms i have repeatdly told people this has nothing to with ms u know your own body !!! like me keep going there must be something that can ease our pain good luck x sara


I have been suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction since my hysterectomy 3 years ago.

I won't bore you with all the previous diagnosis and treatments I have had.

My symptoms are very similar to yours and definately made worse with stress. You are NOT crazy. Muscle spasms are what is causing most of my pain now. These spasms trap the nerves and cause excruciating pain. Most recently, the cause of my pain has been centered on the Levator Ani muscles. When this group of muscles spasms, you feel pain around the tail bone, into the rectum and vaginal/urethral burning. I am going for Physical therapy concentrating on this muscle group and biofeedback. These do help, but it takes time. I wish I could tell you I am cured but I just started PT in this area and it takes time. I have noticed a little difference. I also get that all over weak and awful pain when it starts to spasm. This is due to Visceral pain and it is awful. Look this up on the internet and read about it from a reliable source. I hope this helps. Hang in there. Dont be embarrassed and don't give up.

Good luck.



Thank you both for you replies. Sorry you are both suffering. I suppose my life is probably more stressful than I care to admit and probably more upsetting than I definitely care to admit. But like you Sheilam I am an outwardly cheerful bouncy person so I haven't wanted to associate the two. Like you i feel it's a cop out.

I am not better for movement unfortunately. I am better either lying down or well lying down. Standing makes me too dizzy and sitting hurts the pain. Moving my right leg hurts like hell and sometimes my partner has to help me undress/dress just because moving that leg sets it off. My Doctor tried me on high doses of Gabapentin for neuralgia pain but that didn't make a difference so nerve pain was ruled out. I am coming swiftly to the opinion that many things are perhaps going on at once and causing the huge amounts of pain. i just really want my life back. I am so bored, low and lonely in this "existence".

My gynaecologist was rubbish and wasn't interested at all. Wasn't gynae causing my pain so he didn't care. What is Tramadone?? I am on Tramadol so I guess by the name it is similar? I have had a couple of hallucinations on Tramadol recently and it has really tired me out so trying to avoid it a bit. Will have a look at Pudendal nerve entrapment/Pudendal neuralgia when I have finished this. Another avenue to explore - Thank you!

Manufactured food really does affect me and make me feel rubbish and yeah weak and collapsed so I know that feeling. Sometimes the tiredness and weakness is completely debilitating.

I have just found biofeeback online Nancy so was going to see what my GP says. Have you tried acupunture before? Some one has recently suggested it so I don't know whether to try it. I will look at Visceral pain too.

I feel so lonely at the moment so its good talking to people in a simuilar place to me. Thank you xx


Hello, Just wondered about blood tests, vitamins, electrolites etc., I also had groin pains bad, in one or boths groins and ligament or tendon probs. Gave up mentioning to gps. On hols once was stuck in middle of room with R groin pain, couldnt move for 10 or more mins due to pain. Anyway of late eat bananas and make sure good intake meat and veg or fish. of late even if blood test say ok, depends what gp tests for suppose have decided to take vit tabs . So far no groin pains, no spasms, no mouth ulcers or sore tongue. Its so far working for me, never mind gp saying dont take vit tabs, I had to do something and had advice from others re vitamin bs and lactose free. Always reluctant to take pain relief even when bad. Was like old lady many times (which really I am) but didnt want to be one just yet. Seems I needed to be at top end of allowed vitamins maybe due to age. One doctor attempted to suggest little tabs to help but I put a stop to that.. Thats when I decided vitamins would be a better idea as tablets to help. Surely much better than his advice which no doubt would have caused more problems and not been helpful. Maybe no help for you, but worth a thought. AnywayKatykins I feel for your situation and pain, you are not on your own so be strong and lets hope the future is brighter and a solution is found soon.


Good morning Katyins, I hope you are feeling bit better today. I was interested - and a bit comforted - to know that you also feel, and sometimes, are collapsed. I have this additional probal quite often, but particularly on my alternate 'very bad days'. I can't understand the 'collapse' and the gp doesn't seem interested or concerned. I think when they don't know what it's all about or haven't any answers, they try to ignore the problem and the patient feels worse. I now dread going to the doctor, and keep putting it off. Have you found that any particular foods make you feel 'collapsed?' fish, or apricots for example!! I understand the feeling of loneliness; nobody seems to understand, and one feels 'odd' or 'making a fuss' - which we're not!! If only people had an idea of what we are going through, and its because we keep up this cheerful exterior in order to be thought 'normal'. Oh dear!! I was interested in Osoborne's letter, especially about the vitamins. I take them too. The gps know nothing about nutrition. Hope you are on a better day. Do you have friends who understand?Sheilam


Have you had an endoscopy to check for pelvic inflammatory disease at all? I was admitted to hospital about 5 years ago with the most horrendous pain in the right hand side of my abdomen/ groin, and after 2 hours of the hospital arguing over what was wrong with me (appendicitis, or gynecology) and then being 'lost' in the hospital by staff, they decided to carry out an endoscopy because they couldn't determine any cause for my pain following bloods, urine or ultrasound; and that's how they discovered I had PID. After a two week course of antibiotics and a three week resting period I got back to work and have had no issues since!

Worth getting it checked out if other avenues aren't helping. Only the correct type of antibiotic will work for PID too!


Hi hun,

Have you had a laparoscopy? I have a horrible stabbing pain on my right hand side and have been in A&E because of it loads of times now. I was found to have mild endo covering my right pelvic wall and a sticky right ovary which sticks itself to my other organs and then if I move to quick it gets torn away. I'm wondering if more examination needs to happen with you. If they did a laparoscopy then they'd be able to see whats going on. Saying that though, you said you have polycystic ovaries? this can cause massive pain so I dont know why they told you that couldn't be causing your pain :/ If I were you I'd go see your GP and ask for a referral to a gynea consultant. They'll probably want to do a laparoscopy. Hope you're feeling ok today x


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