Is your pain constant?

When you talk about pelvic pain, where excually is your pain and is it constant 24/7 and also do you have pain when walking, lying, sitting?

my pain is constant 11 months, 24/7, no matter if I sit or laydown on side, or tummy, or back, or if I walk... it is strong, severe and debilitating. I feel it around muscles/ bones around vaginal opening and through vsgina. No itching, no electricity, no stabbing. Just constant pain.

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  • I am having this constant pain like you for 4 months, but I am a male. It gets better only when I stand...

  • hi zenica2014, you don't mention what the cause of your pain is not that there has to be a particular reason pain is pain. thanks

  • I have IC and pelvic floor dysfunction-PT said my muscles are in spasm. Phisical therapy does not helping so far after 1,5 months.

  • I am concerned since all of you have for example pain when sitting, and no pain with standing or when lying. But my pain is constant always!

  • The only time I don't have this pain is when I'm asleep which is usually 2 to 4 hours a night . The rest of the night when my eyes get too tired, I keep my eyes closed when lying down. As soon as I wake up,it's there and gets worse if I get out of bed as soon as feet touch the floor.

    I cannot sit without at least two Tempur memory seat cushions, this doesn't take the pain away, it just means I can sit without causing extra pain.

  • I have pudendal neuralgia which causes pain in my left pelvic region and genital area constantly, but worsens with sitting and physical activity. I also have rectal spasms after BMs, and they cause horrible pain for hours afterward whether there is straining ot not. But when my pudendal nerve gets aggravated, I also have spasms of the muscles surrounding it, which causes me to have increased pain and also pain down my left leg. This makes walking painful, so I use a cane to help me from putting too much pressure on my left leg and making it worse. The more I aggravate the nerve, the worse it gets. Ask your physical therapist if they do dry needling. I started that a few weeks ago and it helps, even if for a few hours. Also I use aquatherapy to do some exercises and condition the muscles. The water in the pool helps take the weight off of the nerve and allows me to move around without the pain I would have outside of the water. I hope this helps!

  • Same for me, except mine is lower left pelvis into groin. I Haven't had a painfree moment in over 2 years. It is debilitating and life altering for sure.

  • Hi zenica!!!! Sorry to hear about your pain!!!!! I know exactly how u feel!!!! Mine starts from the time I get up to the time I go to bed!!! But mine is pelvic and rectal. I was diagnosed with anismus where the muscles can't contract so I can't have a normal bowel movement. I have tried acupuncture, hypnotherapy, pelvic floor therapy and have seen a dietician, nutritionist, physical therapy, colorectal and gi and just recently had Botox. Hoping that relaxes the muscles. I'm on permanent disability so it makes it easier but I would like to work but can't. It is excruciating as I'm sure yours is. It is awful!!!! I can't live a normal life and get up and go and do. My life revolves around the toilet and heating pad and pain pills and muscle relaxers!!!! I'm at my wits end!!!!! No one understands our pain unless u have it!!!! I have three beautiful grandchildren whom I can't enjoy because of this problem!!!! Very depressing as u know!!!! I hope u can find a solution. My pelvic floor therapist is great and understands so I hope u can find some help!!!! I'm here if u need to talk!!! Take care!!!!

  • Oh Karen i can totally relate! Im considering giving up work because of this constant pain im at my wits end. Had botox 8 weeks ago and its made it worse. I dread going to the toilet now. Im on my feet at work for 7 hours but am struggling and come home sick alot. Im about to try hypnotherapy did it not work for you at all?


  • Hi Zenica. My pain is now constant, but worse on sitting and standing. Comes from deep within the pelvis, esp round the rectum and vagina. There is occasionally a stabbing pain and that tends to shoot down my legs. It tends to be an on going pain, a bit like a bad headache. Never goes 😣. Have at last got an appointment with a physiotherapist for next week in Oxford. Hope she can give me some advice


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