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Bleeding on Zoladex & Tibolone HRT ?


This is my first ever post here, so I hope I'm posting appropriately.

On the 30th December I was given a zoladex injection and supplied with a three month course of tibolone to try and get a diagnosis for endometriosis. This is my second bleed since I had the injection and started the new medication, is this normal in anyone's experience? Or Should I make a call to the consultant?

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Hi Alexis

Were you not given the patient information leaflet that comes with the injection. The nurse or doctor giving you your injection should have although it is possible to download one from the website. I bled for the first 3 months on zoladex and by my fourth injection it had stopped. It is known that females can continue to have periods during this time although a lot of them will have stopped during the first two months. There's no need to call your consultant as hopefully by the end of the second month your periods will have stopped by the time you have your next injection

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