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Could it have been the Botox??

In a nutshell, I have been suffering from an anal fissure for some years. I was given an injection of Botox into the anal sphincter to relax the muscle and promote healing.

After the Botox I started with the awful " bruised" coccyx feeling.

My pelvic floor specialist seems to think there is a connection between this injection and the possibility of PN.

I complained at the time of this new pain, and was just given a MRI and no explanation when nothing was found.

Now two procedures later my pain is worse than ever.

Do you think it was the start of my nerve damage?

If it was I feel gutted it was missed.

Suzysheep xx

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I doubt it would be from the actual botox substance but wonder if the needle may have nicked the PN. Or maybe your pelvic floor muscles had to work hard to compensate for the anal sphincter being out of service and you developed muscle spasms which are irritating the PN. Those would be my guesses.

By the way, I hate when doctors imply or say that there's nothing wrong with you because of an mri not showing anything. Not our fault that MRIs don't show muscles, fascia, or nerves - you know, the things that are the source of the pain.


My pelvic floor therapist thinks it may be the case that the needle may have nicked a nerve. It was definatly the start of a different sort of pain.


Join the pudendal hope closed Facebook group. I think pricing floor pt, and get some suppositories. Alpha lipoic acid 600mg day


Could it be possible if one muscle is paralysed, others will to try to compensate and take the load by spasming more? Good thing about botox though if it doesn't work, the effect should wear off with time.

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No pafen..... The Botox was done 2 years ago. The coccyx pain still remains.

( it's OMB from the fissure board )


A few of us have ended up here it seems from the anal fissure board hehe. Might be time to try some Baclofen then, it's the only drug that has had an effect on reducing the painful spasms for me.


Pafen......I'm not sure my pain is from spasms, as my anal resting tone is normal..... But then again, other muscles in my pelvis may be tight to compensate.

Ugh.... I really don't know any more.

You had the same as me right?? Hem surgery that has lead to years of pain?

I have an appointment with a specialist in London on the 13 th July.... I'm hoping to get some answers and a plan to move forwards. My whole life evolves around my butt and it's just not fun any more :(



Hi Suzy. I can totally relate! I had botox done but it now feels like my rectum is literally going to fall out 24/7! I hate standing up at the moment. I hate going to the loo for a bm as i darent push even a little bit as i feel i may prolapse! Also my perinium is constantly tight now maybe its compenstating for other muscles being paralysed i dont know. Im six wks post botox and am going through hell. Worried every minute of the day that ive got a rectal prolapse. So utterly sick of feeling like this my bum rules my life.



Hi Suzs


Had hemroids. Removal 5 times right from first I have had horrible pain non stop take oxicodone which takes edge off but I hate taking it it has been 2years had all kinds of procedures including Botox o works Sam at. Y wits end


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