Over bleeding it's killing me

Hi...! I am 24years girl from Tanzania. On March I had the over bleeding during my period and it was bad that I had to go to hospital and use the injection to stop it. But when I go to test doctor told me there is minimal fluid noted in my pelvic so I had to use medicine and on April the bleeding was normal. But this month it's start all over again what should I do?.

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  • If this happened to me then I would phone the doctor.


  • I would also ask doctor for blood tests.

  • I did but it's still there

  • What did the doctor says?

  • Told me have some fluid in my pelvic and I used the dose for it but still facing it...

  • You don't mention the medication you have been prescribed- what were you prescribed?

  • Ooouh yes! When I gat back home will tell you,

  • Hi Scarlett Kate

    It sounds as though you may have a hormone imbalance which affects most women at some stage in their lives and very often corrects itself. I'm surprised you haven't had blood tests done to identify whether this is a factor for you. There are many causes including stress, diet, weight - sudden loss/gain etc. It seems as though this has happened only twice which isn't a major cause for concern but you may want to start treatment with medication which can help regulate your periods. This would be the pill which would be a GP or gynaecologists medication of choice to choose first. There are various types of the pill and your GP should go through the types that are suitable for you as the one prescribed will depend on any other health conditions you may have if any. I hope this helps

  • Thanks! Sure it is, but have done all that already and use the medication too. Maybe I should go to different hospital maybe will help..

  • Sometimes you do have to try more than one type of the pill - they aren't all the same and it has only happened twice. In the UK it would be unlikely you'd get to be referred to a gynaecologist at this stage as the GP would manage it initially. I'd stay at the same hospital for the time being as it doesn't seem as though you have given it enough time for things to work. Is it just the bleeding that is the issue? Have you made any lifestyle changes as this is important as well.

  • No more issue than bleeding and never change the lifestyle. But yesterday went back to gynecologist who's attended me last time, she says have to go for more test. I think that is what its needed, right?

  • It might be a good idea although the fact that it hasn't been going on very long is positive. There is another site on healthunlocked called women's health that might be better suited to your medical problem as this message board is aimed at those that suffer from pelvic pain whether it's gynaecological, bowel, bladder etc and the conditions that go alongside. I hope this helps

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