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Has anyone had a Myomectomy? (removal of only fibroid)

Hi, I recently posted a question about hysterectomy and received a number of kind responses. I decided against having a hysterectomy. Today I went to a nice gynecologist because I am having unexplained itchiness and soreness in vagina that is not obvious yeast or anything else. It could be from aging (I am 55); I had no idea that while taking estrogen and using estrogen cream one could have such discomfort! Anyway this doctor agreed with me about the risks of having a hysterectomy but then he saw the film of the fibroid and he said it is indeed pushing into my bladder. He said that it is impossible to say if it will relieve symptoms because I do have interstitial cystitis, but that he does this surgery and it is less invasive than a total hysterectomy. I am wondering if anyone out there has had this surgery (just removal of fibroid, not uterus) and while I am at it I am wondering if anyone out there has had itchiness and soreness from age. I am not really dry and it is kind of a mystery. He did say that estrogen cream will not prevent the vagina from aging; it just slows it. Does anyone have any useful comments? Thank you in advance.

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I hope there are some people on here who have had a myomectomy. I know a bit about it but haven't had this procedure. Is this a large fibroid and do you know what type it is ?


Hello SadPelvis:

I have not had that procedure; I had a hysterectomy two years ago at the age of 52.

However, I might be able to shed some light on the vaginal itching and soreness.

I have interstitial cystitis, vulvodynia and lichen sclerosis. Since February of this year, I had been suffering with a severe symptoms of vaginal burning, soreness and itching. My gynecologist suggested that it was vaginal atrophy that usually comes with age. She is an amazing friend and suggested that I try the Mona Lisa Touch Laser treatment.

The cost was $2500 (not covered by insurance in the U.S.) for three treatments, spaced 3 weeks apart. We were both a little scared to try it when I was is such a severe flare; but decided that it was worth it since I had had no improvement between February and July.

The treatment felt like a vibrator for about 5 minutes and then it was over. I experienced more severe burning for three hours, then my symptoms disappeared miraculously! I've had the other two treatments and am feeling great.

My doctor told me that I was the only one that experienced the intense burning. She said that most of her patients feel a bit sore for less than one day. She said the pain scores were between a 1 -2 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The treatment protocol for the Mona Lisa Touch Laser is 3 treatments every six weeks and then once a year (the cost for the yearly treatment is $750). Cost varies across the U.S. and not many doctors are doing this procedure. Go to monalisatouch.com for more information and providers in your area. It is also available in Europe according to their website.

Best wishes!


I haven't but heard good results from others. I had a hysterectomy worst decision ever, ruined my body


I haven't but close friend had this surgery in her early 40s a few years ago via laparotomy as she had a large fibroid. She was fine after about 6 weeks and returned to physically demanding job, she was tired as expected for a few months but hasn't looked back since. I would definitely consider this op rather than hysterectomy if I was in your position.


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