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Pelvic and lower back pain

Hi all fellow pain sufferers,

I ask your help in providing some constructive advise as to how to deal with doctors and other health professionals whom seem to disregard the amount of pain I'm in and the cause of without seeing the importance of working out the cause of pain. More pain killers and stronger doses are the answer apparently. I alone must be costing the NHS thousands. 

I've read so many of your stories and can relate to most of your symptoms so without boring you with my story chronologically my symptoms are thus, 

Groin pain (right side mainly but has travelled to left on occasion or both) started about 18 months ago during the time of ovulation. The pain became worse over time and eventually continued until my circle began. Now I'm afraid the pain is continuous with variant degrees. 

The sensation is a mixture of things. A deep pulling down effect, right side feels swollen at times with a sensation of squashing something when I sit, bend over or lean to the right. It's at its worse just before, during and just after my period. I honestly feel like my very insides are about to fall out. 

It's also worth a mention that up until now I haven't had a problem with my periods, their not heavy or painful so endometriosis doesn't sound likely but I haven't ruled it out. I am 45 after all and consider myself in the "peri-menopausal" time of my life. 

Since September of last year my lower back pain started again. I slipped L4 L5 disc about 13 years ago and get little issues every now and then but unfortunately this time it doesn't want to leave. 

Doctors have prescribed the usual, Tramadol, Diazipam Gaberpentin etc etc (need I go on).MRI scan confirms a degenerative disc which is herniated but does not explain the severity of the pain I'm in.

So to date I'm waiting to see the doctors at the Pain Clinic then an appointment in June (have waited 2 months for this appointment already) at the Gyne clinic. 

I suppose Im trying to cut as much unnecessary waste of time as I can. I'm trying to run a business which is being effected by this constant pain. 

Can anyone suggest how I can push this situation forward in obtaining a confirmed diagnosis and treatment. I really feel I've aged 20 years in the last 6 months and I simply cannot live like this anymore.

Sincerely yours


Fellow pain sufferer

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Hi Penny, as you realise you are going through what so many of us have been through and are still going through. I  suggest you write down your symptoms and discuss them with the pain management doctor.  The injection which contains a local anaesthetic and cortisone, an anti-inflammatory, is injected  along side the nerve that is suspected of causing your pain. This may be successful and as nerves take along time to heal you will need regular treatments. It is not successful if after the treatment within a few days your pain returns. So I am afraid it will be a long process. The Pain management specialist will re-evaluate you. If it is not successful, or partially successful or completely successful and alter your treatment accordingly. If after several treatments you may be happy with having pain management treatments at regular intervals. If unsuccessful request the pain management doctor to advise you who to be referred to to investigate your symptoms.  in my opinion, Pain Management Doctors need to start taking more of an active part in helping to ensure you are on the right track to see the specialist who can further investigate and diagnose your symptoms. It should not always  be left to the patient to find their own way. Good Luck and give pain management a chance.


Hi Penny. I agree with other reply suggesting pain management Dr advise you where to go next for a diagnosis  I have an appointment on May 16 with my pain management Dr and that is exactly what I am going to request from him. I feel they call anything below waist Pudental Neuralgia. Perhaps you should request CT scan to be sure there is no prolapse or tumors. Rocky68


Thank you so much for your advise and I will write my symptoms down and offer my own research information. 

Good luck with you doc appointment on the 16th May. I hope we both get some answers.


Hi Penny, I understand how overwhelming it can feel when you get to an appointment. I would agree that writing down your symptoms could help. You could make a few notes about what you want to discuss. I did not feel I was listened to until I was able to tell them exactly what I wanted. I had already done research and printed off my evidence, which they rarely read, but on the other hand, so far it has worked. I also have learned to make a point of politely refusing to sit down in the clinic, pointing out that it is too painful. Good luck. I hope the pain clinic helps. 


Your advise is gratefully accepted and it is comforting to know others understand from first hand experience exactly how I'm feeling. It's clear I need to stand firm in terms of treatment and steadfast if I believe a treatment should not happen. My doctor thought placing me on the pill for 3 months would help. I tried it and it didn't work yet 6months later he suggested it again. I mentioned we had already tried it but he continued to insist. I wasn't happy taking it so stuck to my guns, he backed down eventually. Another doctor believes I'm depressed and prescribed a painkiller which helps to boost your mood but caused major side effects  I felt too scared to take it. I'm tired of all the "sticking plaster" solutions to something which is causing me great pain both mentally and physically. I'm not depressed, in fact I'm quiet appalled she even thought so, I'm just worn out with PAIN

Thank you again



The doc at my Gyne appointment last Wednesday thinks it is Endometriosis and has referred me to the Enfo clinic. I'm waiting on a scan and an Endoscopy appointment to confirm. In the mean time she wants me to try "the Pill" to stop my monthly's in hope it will calm down the other symptoms. I have tried this before which didn't work but figured I may as well give it another ago as the appointments could take up to 6 weeks to process.

I also have an appointment with the Pain Clinic today. Just an initial consultation but I'm going to push for the injection as, if it works, will provide me an opportunity in time to strengthen my corresponding muscles which will help to support my back. Although, I do realise that if the Endo is bad they could opt for a hystorectomy and I won't be able to do exercise but I'll cross that bridge when I'm there.

I'm 45 and had my children but for you, if it is Endo then your facility can and will be effected.

Having the same symptoms doesn't always proclude the same result but if I were you, knowing the pain you must be feeling, I would be contacting the doctor every week. Ask to see a female doctor and explain you just simply can't go on living with this amount of pain every day. It's just not normal and it's not right they should expect you too. This should be investigated so push for a referral to Gyne and the pain clinic.

I wish you luck.

Penny xx


Hi Penny!

Any resolve ? I'm having similar symptoms , but I'm only 23. No doctor takes me seriously. I have only seen obgyns for this pain but now I'm wondering if I should see a pain management doctor.


I would ask if hernia,for 2years I had pain in my back,groin,was sent to the obgyn, to gasleages,(not spelled right),had exam after exam for 2years,than though it was a polyp,went to have removed and he said it is to small to be causing problems,exam for hernia,than went to surgeon to remove.


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