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Pelvic pain on right side post hysterectomy almost two years now

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Hi all,

Post hysterectomy almost two years now. Kept both my ovaries only. 46 yrs old. Reason for surgery had both endometriosis and adenmyosis. Complaint: pelvic pain, feeling of pulling sensation especially on right lower side of pelvic area. Also monthly ovulation causes me to be very tired and crampy. Fatique is a big problem also. Again, recently saw gynecologist who did the hysterectomy and she had no answers. Ultrasound shows nothing wrong. Saw my family doctor and getting me a referral to see a gaestronaligist to see if it is a stomach issue. Since surgery sometimes when I have a few bowel movements in a row I see blood in my stool so I told her about that. Also going to see a pelvic floor therapist very soon. Has anyone been through something like this with no answers or hoi g through something similar? Pain is constant and chronic fatigue, stopped working and basically many things I used to do. Feel frustrated and sad! Thanks for reading.

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Sorry to read your story. It's been 5 years for me, post hysterectomy with one ovary intact. Major intense pain increasing and chronic since hysterectomy- no blood in stools but she torturous pain after and before bowel movement. Can't hold down a job either. Can barely do anything at all, just nursing the pain 24/7. I've been poorly treated by doctors. Trying another just now, hoping for a breakthrough, if not, this kind of life isn't worth it. Pray you find your solution. Don't stop pushing for definitive answers. Don't let doctors play the "chronic pain" game with you. Find out exactly what it is and don't back down. Fight. God bless 🌺

Sorry to hear what you are going through! Doctors can be dismissive and easily make us feel that it is all in our heads! They help with one thing and you are left to go connect the dots on your own.


I had hysterctomy 1.5 years ago for endo and adenomyosis. I now have pelvic floor disfuntion. I have same symptoms as you have. Exactly. You need to get into physical therapy and start some relaxation techniques to relax your pelvic flooor. Read headache in the pelvis. Great book!

Thanks for the suggestion, I will get that book you suggested! I am seeing the pelvic floor therapist very soon and she will do an internal and external exam of my pelvic and will tell me the course of treatment. Thanks for responding!

I am sorry you are going through this. I have pelvic floor dysfunction. Unfortunately likr poo e you mind was diagnosed prior to hystetectomy. I am seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist. We are going to start internal work soon. I hope you find what works for you

Hi I am 1 year out and just started with bad right sided pain ,it was a niggle for a few months but has progressed to a sharp zap every now and then.I had my hyster for cancer so somewhat worried but as it is low down don’t think my colon is the problem,BMS is ok and bladder great, hoping it’s a cyst! Have my 1 year check in 4 weeks time so hopefully can hang on until then and start asking questions, best of luck with yours.

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