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New on this page, not sure if i'm in the right place?


I'm Bernie and i'm 21. I have been suffering with abdominal pain for 6 months ago now, and I recently went for a laparoscopy to rule out endometriosis. Fortunately, i do not have endometriosis, however, unfortunately, i am still suffering with the abdominal pain! Endometriosis uk sent me here.

On Thursday night/Saturday morning, i was taken to accident and emergency by an ambulance crew because i was in so much pain that none of my coedine was working, they thought it was appendicitis, however after much poking and blood taking, they came to the conclusion it wasn't. I was in agony and they eventually admitted me and started me on oralmorph which helped. I was sent home yesterday lunchtime. I was okay. Today i am not, i'm in pain and again the coedine isn't helping. I just don't know what to do anymore! Feel like Dr's aren't really listening to me and i don't have any answers as to what the pain is :(

Hope you are all well, sorry about the long post, just needed to rant somewhere :( xx

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Sorry, 6 months not 6 months ago! Stupid phone!


have they ruled out a hernia ? that can cause lots of pain


Oh gosh I don't know! I'll ask, thanks xx


Hi Bernie, Sounds like you not having much fun at the moment.

I have been through similar over the last year.

Was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis last may, the found a cyst on my ovary, removed it, discharged me... still in pain. Been for all the test you can imagine... colonoscopy, endoscopy, CT scans, capsule endoscopy, blood test after blood test, celiac tests... all came back 'normal' and no issues found.

I have today returned from a new specialist who has diagnosed me with Chronic Functional Abdominal Pain Syndrome. In short my nervous system is wired wrong.

I have felt like the doctors haven't been listening to me over the past year. I felt fobbed off, like they think I'm making it up.. until today i finally feel listened to and don't feel so hopeless.

Don't give up hun, you pain is clearly there. It may take time but you will get somewhere.


Thankyou so much hun, they think it's appendicitis tonight, just waiting for the dr to come and see me x


How did this get diagnosed if you dont mind me asking? sounds like me x


Hi NWBM,im the same as you,have had ultrasound scans which come back as normal and feel fobbed off and told everything is all in my head


Hey Bernie, I too have had the same problem 7 months ago I was admitted with a suspected ectopic pregnancy as I'd passed a clot that was as big as my fist, I was left with a womb infection and put on strong antibiotics, ever since my periods have been getting more and more painful. I've been told it could be anything to do with ovaries and your womb so try and see a gynaecologist? I think I've spelt it right. Pain killers do not work and for someone who works graveyard shifts I'm losing a lot of sleep so I'm struggling at work too.



Although i have Endo Ive been in constant pain for 3 weeks now and Ive been in hospital for over a week, had cat scans, bloods everything and they still dont know what it is, i understand your pain and its horrendous to think that we can be left in pain continuously without anyone helping! Ive been given lots of medication with nothing helping and passed around the hospital with no one taking control of me and my pain....

Helen x


Iv been having pain in my right side of stomach near pelvic area and in my lower back been having this problem for 5 months now I keep going to the Drs and they keep saying its a urine infection or kidney infection but surely it wouldn't keep coming back so often if it was that?.. They keep putting me on antibiotics and sending me home and then a week after finishing my antibiotics the pain will return again.. I'm sick of having this problem all the time just want to know what's wrong with me..


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