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I have got constant pain on the right side of my pelvis and have had a scan which showed a 4cm fluid filled ovarian cyst also some fybroids

I was told by the nurse that they may not treat it due to the fact that it is not 5cm (the required size for removal) - i have to wait 10 days to see the doctor and it will be up to her if she wants to do anything about it. I am so distraught about this as I have not been well for over a year with undiagnosed hypothyroidism (it was diagnosed 3 months ago and I'm now on thyroxine and levels are normal) but I still feel tired and I have been suffering with this pain for a few months aswell (also frequent urination, pain during and after sex) - paracetamol doesn't help - I really need to get it sorted out as I'm becoming depressed and my relationship is suffering - what do you think the doctor will say/do?

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Ask to be referred to the surgeon anyway for piece of mind. Always good to have a second opinion, state how it is affecting you physically and mentally, and how much better you would be if it were removed. Always sad when sickness gets in the way of a relationship.

I suspect they will be monitoring its growth - not sure how fast they grow.


Thank you



I had to have surgery on my cyst because it ruptured. Now this doesn't always happen. They tend to wait and watch with cysts because they can come and go across cycles. So don't be surprised if they say scan again in a few weeks time. They are not dismissing you but taking usual course. The cyst may naturally go down. But do keep asking for help whilst you are actively symptomatic.

Best of luck

Understand how much they hurt


Good timing. I am due to have my O/C removed on Monday. This has been monitored for three years now with a ulstrasound and MRI mainly to check its size and the contents of the cyst, whether its clear fluid or something else. The fluid is OK but the cyst has grown by 1cm each year, its now nearly 7cm round! To be honest my gyne's, I say gyne's as I have seen three about it, and none of them were keen to remove it. What happens is this, if there is any scar tissue of any sort around the area, its not only difficult to locate, but by operating again, is causing even more scar tissue. Not sure of your age, but if you are post menopausal they will probably want to remove the ovaries as well, this will be happening to me too on Monday.I have told her that if it is difficult to access than leave it be, as I am not keen on having a major op. This procedure if possible is done key hole. I have never had any pain really with the cyst, mine is pudendal related, other than a slight burn, but mine is on the left side and affects the bowel mainly. To be honest I don't think the cyst is the cause of your pain during sex etc, there are so many other factors but you need to eliminate them one by one. Keep seeing as many specialists as you can for answers. Good luck!


I belive scar tissue can be avoided with modern methods I have read with creams they use now .they are working on ways to avoid this happening ... so ask about it with the consultant ....specialist ...

Good Luck

Margaret x


I would push for treatment .it is so easy to be ingnored due to NHS costs and funding ..I sympathise with you.. having problems myself ..

but fight to get attention ...quaility of life is so important .

.God Bless Good Luck ..Margaret


thank you everyone


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